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Niagara Coalition for Disarmament has 7 organizations, memberships open to individuals. Dues: $10.00. Newsletter every 2 months. Reg. mtgs. (during summer, exec. only.) Plans: regional advertising campaigns, and member activity support (publicity and volunteers) e.g: Peace booth at the Niagara Regional Ex.; Hiroshima Vigils etc. Olga Keith, P0 Box 2181, Niagara Falls, Ont. L2E 6Z3, 416/684-1634 or 612-2059.


Central Toronto Peace Group has 12 rnembers, residents of downtown Toronto. No dues. Mtgs 46 times per year in homes. Plans: Working to challenge provincial candidates in the Provincial Election, participating in the Peace Pledge Campaign, Watchdogging our elected representatives. Anne Hume, 37 Castle Frank Rd, Toronto, Ont. M4W 2T5, 416/923-7105.

Dinosaurs for Disarmament has 300 card carriers. Anyone is welcome. No dues, newsletters, or meetings. Plans: Eventually to have a dino group for public events and a manifesto, as well as doing more lobbying as a publicity attracting organization. They have a animation short about their group and funding is needed to get the film produced. Two styles of T-shirts are available from TDN. Contact Artreach, Wendy Wright (TDN), or Suzannie Barnes, 517 Parkside, Toronto, Ont. M6R 2Z9. 416/ 767 8802

Toronto Volgograd has 400 mailing list members. Dues: $10.00. Newsletter issued 5-6 times yearly. Steering Cttee meets monthly or bi-monthly in homes. Members are invited to an AGM and various events when the Volgograd delegation is visiting. Plans: Sending a delegation to Volgograd in October '87, plans to meet with Cleveland representatives who also seek a relationship with Volgograd. Anne Hume, 37 Castle Frank Rd, Toronto, Ont. M4W 275, 416/923-7105


Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies is planning to do ongoing research in disarmament and development (Project Ploughshares), and conflict in the Horn of Africa: public education lectures with guest speakers from Japan, South America, and a East-West series; a workshop and conference on conflict and conflict resolution in the Horn of Africa. Contact Ronald J.R. Mathies (director), Conrad Grebel College, Waterloo, Ont:


Students Against Global Extermination (SAGE) produces a two-page flyer explaining the finer points of nuclear arms as not feasible as a defence; danger of accident nuclear war; immediate effects of arms race in costs and waste buildup. It then discusses: mutual nuclear weapons freeze, no first use policy, verification, and concludes that because our planet is suicidal, public opinion must make our leaders disarm. SAGE, P0 Box 613, Postal Station NDG. Montréal, Québec, H4A 3R1.

Townships Peace Group has bi-monthly newsletter; does letter lobbying, investigations of nuclear fuel cycle in their area, special events e.g. films, and speakers and setting up peace resource centers in libraries. Donate funds to special peace events such as Youth Nuclear Disarmament Tour and Russian Tour by SAGE. Support the War Toys Boycott: Contact Mrs Kathleen M. Leslie, RR 3, Magog, Québec.

Peace Magazine Dec 1987-Jan 1988

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