What's Going on in The Canadian Peace Movement Today?

We contacted a number of peace groups, large and small. The following listing is drawn from the responses that arrived in time to be included. This list is not necessarily representative. However, it does give a glimpse into the range of activities going on in the movement, today.

Across Canada

Helen Graham, 15 Fairhold Rd. N. Hamilton L8M 2S9. Ph: 416/ 544-0769. Calgary: Gail K Stanfleld, P.O. Box 1121. Cochrane, Alberta, TOL OWO. Ph: 403/932-2027. Director: Fergus Watt, 46 Elgin St., Ottawa KJP 5K6. PH: 613/ 232-0647.





British Columbia

Left Out?

Don't worry ,you'll have another chance. We'll print a mini-directory of peace groups In each Issue from now on. So just mail us a sketch of your group's activities: we'll print it without charge in a later issue. (One free blurb per group.) After that, if you want to be listed, it'll be $15 each time -- or at no charge.

Peace Magazine Oct-Nov 1987

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