Bassett? Aw, come on.

The August issue of PEACE Magazine arrived today, and I was intrigued to see you had solicited comments on the Defence White Paper from the well-known Toronto magnate and communications baron, John Bassett. What is this -- a Tory doing offering his opinion to magazines such as yours, I thought. And how did he manage to slip past me to coordinate his views on defence and arms control issues with John Lamb? Then it slowly dawned on me: could it be that John Bassett was in fact the Centre's Deputy Director, John Barrett? Was that why the published comments looked familiar?

John Barrett, Ottawa

A thousand apologies! [ed.]

Don't slack off, now!

At the excellent END convention in Coventry, one important warning was repeated -- namely the dangers under-pinning the forthcoming Geneva talks this fall. If an agreement is reached on land missile warheads and hence the navies/seas are further nuclearized, we are not much further ahead. The peace movement must be alerted so that it does not fall asleep as it did after the limited test ban treaty. So the warning and analysis must be made now, before and possibly during a fall superpower agreement.

I may add, the August/September issue was very good, especially "Comments: The White Paper."

Dimitrios Roussopoulos, Montréal

U.N. Tour was by VOW

Lee Kelly's article (U.N. World's Most Important Organization) in the last issue neglected to mention that Canadian Voice of Women for Peace was the organizer of this women's study tour to the U.N. Inquiries about subsequent tours are welcome and should be addressed to VOW's National office.

Martha Goodings, Toronto

No matter whose ox is gored

Our credibility depends on our accuracy about the whole picture -- of injustice, our willingness to speak up for all victims of war. We will gain others' trust by never denying cases of violence, regardless of which nation is responsible.

David Rasay, Karninistiquia, Ontario

Peace Magazine Oct-Nov 1987

Peace Magazine Oct-Nov 1987, page 5. Some rights reserved.

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