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THIS IS OUR FIRST SPECIAL ISSUE TO REVIEW THE CANADIAN Peace Movement. We honor our special heroes, provide analyses by Bob Penner, David Langille, Ernie Regehr, and Helen Spiegelman; outline ongoing campaigns (Election Priorities '99-89, Peace Pledge Campaign, NWFZ campaigns), and review some major organizations (World Federalists, Project Ploughshares, Voice of Women, Science for Peace, Canadian Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War). We offer a partial listing of active peace groups -- admittedly comprising only a small portion of the movement, but still seven pages long! We provide the Peace Calendar and review three books on the Canadian peace movement. We discuss some of the challenges and issues facing us: relations with Soviet and E. European peace movements; the transfer of uranium to the USSR; the low-level flight tests in Labrador and Québec; and the Canadian government's proposal to develop PAXSAT -- a peacekeeping satellite monitoring system.

Plans for Peace to Flourish

Thanks for your warm response to our appeals of last issue. We will need your assistance to meet our goals, which are to have, by February 1:

(a) CANDIS Memberships by Donation: 100 members of the CANDIS Society whose membership is conferred on the basis of donations -- $100 or more apiece;

(b) Group Subscriptions: Fifty orders of 20 or more group subscriptions at $10 each. (To be eligible for this discount, the group prepays for those subs with one single cheque. The members receive their magazines by mail in the usual way.)

(c) Bulk sales: A relationship with 100 groups that order bundles of thirty magazines at $1 per copy to distribute as part of their outreach work. (Our new directory is meant as an incentive for groups to take part in distribution, helping bring the magazine to the "unconverted." See p.36.)

(d) Over the counter sales: PEACE on sale in 300 newsstands and bookstores in Canada. Ask your dealer to request it from Canadian Periodical Publishers Association (CPPA), 2 Stewart Street, Toronto M5V 1H6.

(e) Advertising: 6 pages of ads at $360 per pages, less 25 percent commission. To buy an ad or if you're interested in selling ads for pay in your own town, call us at 416/533-7581.

(f) Editorial and production staff: Our planning and copy-editing team is adequate, but we need much more help with typing, laserprinting, page layout, phoning, and coordinating production. If you live in Toronto and can give one day a week, call me soon at 789-2294. Otherwise we'll have to reduce PEACE back to a scale I can handle -- 32 pages.

How is this campaign going? So-so. Summer isn't the peak season for mobilizing action. But now it's fall, so can we count on your help? Choose one of the above items as your project -- and order several gift subscriptions for the holidays. Now's the time! Thanks for your support.

Peace Magazine Oct-Nov 1987

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