Ottawans Celebrate Canada's Own "P-MAG"

By Peter Bruck, Hania Fedorowicz, and Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg | 1987-08-01 12:00:00

Friends of PEACE Magazine in Ottawa got together on Friday, April 11, to support and honor the magazine and the tenacity of the staffs persistence in the face of financial adversity. Special toasts were offered in recognition of the fact that "P-MAG" (as it is engagingly called here) continues to give Canada its national forum on peace issues.

The outpouring of love and support manifested itself also in the shared cooking. The potluck fare was rich, including lentil casseroles, pierogi, cabbage rolls, curry chicken, German bread, Greek salads, rhubarb cake, Niagara wine, and local punch.

The air was clean of cigarette smoke and the spirits high as the general orientations of the magazine were discussed. The current editorial line found broad support. The magazine was valued for its non-dogmatic stance and willingness to explore all issues related to peace. Particular support was voiced for the magazine's exploration of the grass roots peace groups in Eastern Europe, and for its contribution to our understanding of militarization and the arms race dynamic. It was felt that we need to continue discussing the connection between human rights and disarmament -- without Cold War logic.

Celebrants were Jay and Jo Weston, Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg, Aili Kurtis, Zen Strzelczyk, Lee Fraser, Hania Fedorowicz, Ken Shipley, Peter A. Bruck, Penny Sanger, Willi Wahl, Nils Jensen, Gillian Walker, Julia Bruck, Paul Harmon, Ewa Siekierski, Anne-Marie Lambert, Anna Minkiewicz, Maureen Hollingworth, Margo Schwartz, Arthur Milner, Cyprian Bruck, Gene Beuthien. Additional support was given by Fr. Michael Peterkin O.P., Isabel and Peter Hobson, Eileen Saunders, Caroline Calvert, Jim Albert, Ian Taylor, Steven Lee, Judy Giroux.

At the end of the evening a check for over $300 was mailed to PEACE Magazine. May it go on forever! [Thanks, friends! We love you too. (Eds.)]

Peace Magazine Aug-Sep 1987

Peace Magazine Aug-Sep 1987, page 15. Some rights reserved.

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