Notice the Magazine's Changes?

We hope you like the new, lengthy look of PEACE Magazine. We've increased from 32 pages to 48 and we're experimenting with our choice of paper stock. We're considering dropping the Calendar, since according to our readership survey, it is not of high priority to many of you.

Best of all, you'll notice our new, regular feature-the section called Disarmament Campaigns. We are fortunate to have a new arrangement with a fine group of peace journalists in The Hague who have published a peace magazine, Disarmament Campaigns, for several years now. They will provide us with articles each issue, written by their world-wide network of correspondents, so that you, the Canadian peace movement, can keep up with developments around the world by reading your own local publication. The articles in the Disarmament Campaign section will appear as they have been edited by our friends in the Netherlands, Shelley Anderson, P.F. Pinner, and KIemens Gutmann.

Let us know what you think of these changes! [Ed.]

Peace Magazine Oct-Nov 1986

Peace Magazine Oct-Nov 1986, page 36. Some rights reserved.

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