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By Pauline Jewett | 1986-02-01 12:00:00

This month's letter writing suggestion comes from Pauline Jewett, the External Affairs critic for the New Democratic Party. What follows is a letter received by the NLWC after she returned from a trip to Washington, D.C.

Dear Friends,

December 5, 1985

I have just returned from Washington, D.C., where I had lengthy discussions with U.S. politicians, defence officials, and experts about NORAD. It is clear that Canada will be drawn into the active nuclear military policies and operations of the U.S. if Canada remains a participant in NORAD.

NORAD, and the associated Unified Space Command at Colorado Springs, will become increasingly involved in the militarization of space in coming years. This is likely to include anti-satellite activities. It is clear that NORAD is to become at least a "back-up" to Star Wars (SDI) and NORAD is certain to be involved in the event of the U.S. breaking the ABM Treaty and developing anti-ballistic missile defences.

The ABM Treaty is the cornerstone of what little arms control there is. It must be maintained and defended. Canada must work to preserve the ABM Treaty in order to prevent a horrific and uncontrollable "defensive" nuclear arms race. Canada must oppose Star Wars, not aid it. And Canada must reject any participation in anti-satellite and other space weapons.

There was no public information or parliamentary debate when Brian Mulroney and Ronald Reagan signed the North Warning System Agreement in Québec City last March. There has been no parliamentary debate and little public discussion of the Conservative government's plans to renew the NORAD Agreement for up to fifteen years. Like the Liberals before them, the Conservatives are making secret agreements and executive level defence deals with the United States. It is time for that to stop.

If you share our concerns in the New Democratic Party about the ABM Treaty, Star Wars, and NORAD, please write to Brian Mulroney and tell him not to renew the NORAD agreement. Tell him that Canadians want a full public review of our nuclear and defence relations with the United States instead.

Pauline Jewett

Letters to Brian Mulroney require no postage and should be addressed to House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6.

If your group would like more information about the NLWC or would like to join the 250 groups that now belong, write to us. Also, please send suggestions of individuals whom you would like to see targetted for letters. NLWC,, P.O. Box 43, 70 King Street North, Waterloo, Ont. Remember -- thinking about it doesn't change anything. Please pat something in the mail to Brian Mulroney.

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