CANDIS Fact-Sheets

These were prepared by the CANDIS educational committee in response to requests from teachers, students, and members of the general! public. CANDIS welcomes suggestions and comments. Each topic is one page unless otherwise noted.

TOPIC A Standard questions about disarmament 5-page unit, on these questions:

Who is ahead in the nuclear arms race? What is a safe number of nuclear weapons? Is deterrence the best way to keep peace? Can we trust the Russians? How is military spending related to Third World needs? Nuclear power and nuclear weapons:

what's the connection? What is Canada's role in the arms race? Does defence spending create jobs? What is Canada's role in NATO and NORAD? Why is the cruise missile such a controversial issue in Canada? What are the positions of the peace movement on disarmament?

TOPIC B Glossary of terms (2 pages)

TOPIC C Extended definitions of military terms

* This covers the different types of cruise missiles, the Pershing II, the 55-20, and Canada's role in testing the cruise.

TOPIC D E. P. Thompson fact sheet

The Hiroshima bomb, the "newer" bombs, the present world arsenal, are included.

TOPIC E What can a person like me do?

These are very practical suggestions, useful for anyone. TOPIC F How to approach people about the nuclear issue

* Toronto Psychologists for Social Responsibility share their conference issues and conclusions. It's specific and helpful.

TOPIC G Books and other resource materials

TOPIC H Arms control and disarmament agreements

TOPIC I The nuclear arms race

* The outline, from Hiroshima to today, includes easily read charts.

TOPIC K European security and "limited" nuclear war

* Some top military men look at "flexible response" and "limited" nuclear war.

TOPIC L The new weapons: Pershing II

It includes the reaction of the Soviet Union to Pershing II, and refers to the dependence on computers and the "computer error" factor.

TOPIC M The nuclear cruise and its stationing in England

* Two illustrations about the nuclear cruise arc valuable. TOPIC N The nuclear nightmare: What can we do?

* This emphasizes what can happen with "an idea whose time has

* come" and outlines major international proposals for immediate action.

* Cost of mailed sheets: $0.25 each page

* or: Set 1 (A to H) 13 sheets - $3.00

* or: Set 2 (I to N) 5 sheets - $1.00

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