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  1. Newsworthy, Jul-Sep 2020, p.2
  2. Metta Spencer From the Editor, Jul-Sep 2020, p.4
  3. Letters, Jul-Sep 2020, p.5
  4. Tamara Lorincz Twenty Years of UN Resolution 1325, Jul-Sep 2020, p.6
  5. Jan Noel SIPRI Urges: Beat Guns into Ploughshares (or vaccines?), Jul-Sep 2020, p.7
  6. Tom Hastings Property Damage, Violence, Nonviolent Action, and Strategy, Jul-Sep 2020, p.8
  7. Tariq Rauf Paradise Lost, Jul-Sep 2020, p.10
  8. Nyla Ali Khan Kashmir, Modi, and the Indian Constitution, Jul-Sep 2020, p.13
  9. Olivia Ward Reform the Police Now, Jul-Sep 2020, p.15
  10. Louise Delany COVID-19: A Planetary Disease, Jul-Sep 2020, p.17
  11. Thorsten Botz-Bornstein The New Geography of Eastern Europe, Jul-Sep 2020, p.21
  12. Alon Ben-Meir Israelis and Palestinians: Architects of Their Own Destruction, Jul-Sep 2020, p.24
  13. Dr. Ann Frisch The Hanford Plaintiffs: Voices from the Fight for Atomic Justice, Jul-Sep 2020, p.26
  14. Gordon Edwards Plutonium: How Nuclear Power's Dream Fuel Became a Nightmare, Jul-Sep 2020, p.28
  15. Our Weekly Talk Shows Since the Last Issue, Jul-Sep 2020, p.30

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