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  1. January-March 2020: Vol.36, No.1, , p.
  2. Newsworthy, Jan-Mar 2020, p.2
  3. Metta Spencer From the Editor, Jan-Mar 2020, p.4
  4. Letters, Jan-Mar 2020, p.5
  5. Pope Francis Pope Francis in Nagasaki, Jan-Mar 2020, p.6
  6. Metta Spencer Can Trees and Cows Save Us?, Jan-Mar 2020, p.8
  7. René Wadlow Gambia Invokes Genocide Convention Against Myanmar, Jan-Mar 2020, p.19
  8. Jodi Koberinski Towards a Regenerative Agriculture, Jan-Mar 2020, p.20
  9. Metta Spencer A Second Editorial: What About Radioactive Contamination?, Jan-Mar 2020, p.24
  10. John Bacher Muslim Peacemaker Teams are Working to Bring Peace to Iraq, Jan-Mar 2020, p.27
  11. Subir Guin (reviewer) The Green New Deal, Jan-Mar 2020, p.28
  12. James Loney (reviewer) Waging Peace in Vietnam: Soldiers and Veterans Who Opposed the War, Jan-Mar 2020, p.29

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