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  1. Ken Simons Editorial, Jul-Sep 2008, p.4
  2. Letters, Jul-Sep 2008, p.5
  3. Diana Ralph Uniting for Change as Israel Turns 60, Jul-Sep 2008, p.6
  4. John Cooper At the Peaceful Games, Jul-Sep 2008, p.7
  5. Metta Spencer (interviewer) Poppies for Medicine: An interview with The Senlis Council's Norine MacDonald, Jul-Sep 2008, p.8
  6. René Wadlow Banning Cluster Bombs: Light in the Darkness of Conflicts, Jul-Sep 2008, p.13
  7. Howard Clark Kosovo and its Discontents, Jul-Sep 2008, p.14
  8. Brian Adeba Think Tank for Activists: Inside the Rideau Institute, Jul-Sep 2008, p.16
  9. Marc Pilisuk and Jennifer Achord Rountree Not Quite a Conspiracy: Networks of Power, Jul-Sep 2008, p.20
  10. Ramya Ramanathan Preparing for Peace, Jul-Sep 2008, p.24
  11. Impeaching George Bush, Jul-Sep 2008, p.26
  12. James Applegate (reviewer) The Unexpected War: Canada in Kandahar, Jul-Sep 2008, p.27
  13. Judith Deutsch (reviewer) First, Do No Harm, Jul-Sep 2008, p.28
  14. Newsworthy, Jul-Sep 2008, p.31

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