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  1. From the Editor, Oct-Dec 2002, p.4
  2. Fergus Watt International Criminal Court Advances Despite US Opposition, Oct-Dec 2002, p.5
  3. Amber Mcnair Tibetan Nonviolence Movement Revitalizes, Oct-Dec 2002, p.6
  4. Nonviolence Versus Saddam Hussein, Oct-Dec 2002, p.7
  5. Metta Spencer (interviewer) Small's Great Contribution, Oct-Dec 2002, p.8
  6. The Afghan Project, Oct-Dec 2002, p.10
  7. Bruce Johnston Three Roads Less Traveled: The Pacifism of Huxley, Isherwood, and Auden, Oct-Dec 2002, p.11
  8. Lloyd Axworthy On Terrorism and Iraq, Oct-Dec 2002, p.14
  9. John Bacher Palestinian Pacifism, Oct-Dec 2002, p.16
  10. Rajan Philips Journey to Jaffna, Oct-Dec 2002, p.20
  11. Major David Last, PhD What Kind of Friends Does America Need?, Oct-Dec 2002, p.22
  12. Cyril Powles Nuclear Weapons for Japan?, Oct-Dec 2002, p.24
  13. Dave Mozersky Reinforcing Peace in the Sudan, Oct-Dec 2002, p.25
  14. Shirley Farlinger (reviewer) Review: Love of Enemy: The Cross and Sword, Oct-Dec 2002, p.28
  15. Andrew Brink (reviewer) Review: The Emotional Life of Nations, Oct-Dec 2002, p.29
  16. Peter Nicholls (reviewer) Review: The Shield of Achilles: War, Peace, and the Course of History, Oct-Dec 2002, p.30
  17. Review: SIPRI Yearbook 2002, Oct-Dec 2002, p.30
  18. Newsworthy, Oct-Dec 2002, p.31

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