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  1. From the Editor, Spring 2000, p.4
  2. Safe House Project The War is Not Over Yet, Spring 2000, p.5
  3. Letters, Spring 2000, p.5
  4. The Origin of Mother's Day, Spring 2000, p.6
  5. Bishop Artemije Kosovo Aftermath, Spring 2000, p.7
  6. Elke Semerad Killology 101: How Media Violence is Consuming Our Children, Spring 2000, p.8
  7. Andres Kahar Altered States: Latvian Security, Spring 2000, p.10
  8. John Bacher Van der Stoel's Democracy, Spring 2000, p.13
  9. Barbara E. Joe Dissidents Extend Castro an Olive Branch, Spring 2000, p.15
  10. Metta Spencer and Mr Justice Norman Dyson (interviewers) Prosecuting War Criminals, Spring 2000, p.16
  11. Kelly Scheufler The White Rose Protests, Spring 2000, p.24
  12. David Smith And Jocelyne Costin What Can Be Learned About Peace from the Culture of the Deaf?, Spring 2000, p.26
  13. Barrie Zwicker (reviewer) Review: Mind Abuse: Media Violence in an Information Age, Spring 2000, p.29
  14. Rose Dyson (reviewer) Review: A Call To Action Against TV, Movie & Video Game Violence, Spring 2000, p.30
  15. Newsworthy, Spring 2000, p.31

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