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  1. From the Editor, Fall 1999, p.4
  2. Letters, Fall 1999, p.5
  3. Kevin Shimmin Critique of R. J. Rummel's "Democratic Peace" Thesis, Fall 1999, p.6
  4. R.J. Rummel, With Peace Magazine Editors A Reply to Shimmin, Fall 1999, p.8
  5. John Bacher Development Includes Democracy, Fall 1999, p.11
  6. Ian S. Spears Democracy and Africa: A Reply to Bacher, Fall 1999, p.13
  7. Shirley Farlinger Grassroots Peace Activism, Fall 1999, p.15
  8. Janet Nicol The Middle East Peace Quilt, Fall 1999, p.15
  9. Walter Dorn The Militias in East Timor: Personal Encounters, Fall 1999, p.16
  10. David Wurfel Human Security in East Timor? Xanana's Leadership, Fall 1999, p.19
  11. Corey Levine Peace in the Hills, Fall 1999, p.22
  12. Bob Baxter Conflict In The Horn Of Africa, Fall 1999, p.24
  13. Joanna Santa Barbara Health Reach: Helping Children Affected By War, Fall 1999, p.26
  14. Geoffrey Pearson (reviewer) Resisting The Bomb: A History Of The World Nuclear Disarmament Movement, Fall 1999, p.29
  15. Humanitarian Times The Geopolitics of Hunger: Using Hunger As a Weapon, Fall 1999, p.29
  16. Gideon Forman (reviewer) Waging Peace for a Living: An Action Plan for Survival of Life on Earth, Fall 1999, p.30
  17. Newsworthy, Fall 1999, p.31

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