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  1. From the Editor, Jul-Aug 1997, p.4
  2. Letters, Jul-Aug 1997, p.5
  3. Anita Krajnc, Michael Greenspoon Singing Together For Social Change, Jul-Aug 1997, p.6
  4. Metta Spencer Winning Democracy For The Tamils, Jul-Aug 1997, p.8
  5. Frederick N. Mattis Nine Points For Abolishing Nuclear Weapons, Jul-Aug 1997, p.8
  6. David C. Smith De-Militarizing Language, Jul-Aug 1997, p.14
  7. Cheshmak A. Farhoumand The Evolution of World Order: Building a Foundation for Peace in the Third Millennium, Jul-Aug 1997, p.16
  8. Morris Miller Technology Against Poverty, Jul-Aug 1997, p.19
  9. Derek Paul Male and Female in Parliaments, Jul-Aug 1997, p.20
  10. Caledon Declarations:, Jul-Aug 1997, p.22
  11. Ian Wood (reviewer) Review: Good Taxes, Jul-Aug 1997, p.23
  12. Naila Daniel Palestinian Women In The Intifada, Jul-Aug 1997, p.24
  13. Newsworthy, Jul-Aug 1997, p.29
  14. Natalie Lund Children's Stories for Peace Day, Jul-Aug 1997, p.30
  15. Shirley Farlinger (reviewer) Reforming the United Nations: Bust or Robust?, Jul-Aug 1997, p.31

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