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  1. From the Editor, Nov-Dec 1996, p.4
  2. Letters, Nov-Dec 1996, p.5
  3. David Thiessen Airshow Canada: The Eighth Most Censored Story Of 1995, Nov-Dec 1996, p.6
  4. Metta Spencer (interviewer) Nonviolence and Aboriginal Rights, Nov-Dec 1996, p.8
  5. Newsworthy, Nov-Dec 1996, p.14
  6. Fábio Lacerda Soares Petrarolha The Real Cost of Controlling Inflation in Brazil, Nov-Dec 1996, p.16
  7. Rose Dyson (reviewer) Review: Power and Sex, Nov-Dec 1996, p.18
  8. Ernie Regehr (reviewer) Review: Light Weapons and International Security, Nov-Dec 1996, p.19
  9. Doris Jean Dyke (reviewer) Review: Transforming Abuse: Nonviolent Resistance and Recovery, Nov-Dec 1996, p.20
  10. Bev Delong, Bill Robinson, and Henrietta Langran Desbrisay The People Versus the Bomb, Nov-Dec 1996, p.21
  11. Alan F. Phillips, M.D. Consensus in Canberra: No Nukes from Now On!, Nov-Dec 1996, p.24
  12. Ron Shirtliff Treaty After 51 Years of Nuke Tests, Nov-Dec 1996, p.26
  13. Marc Pilisuk, Ph.D. Taking on Goliath: The Lawrence Livermore Lab, Nov-Dec 1996, p.27

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