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  1. From The Editor, Jan-Feb 1996, p.4
  2. Letters, Jan-Feb 1996, p.5
  3. Metta Spencer From black mist to poisoned fish, Jan-Feb 1996, p.6
  4. Cmdr Robert Green, RN (retd.) What are nuclear bombs for? A military perspective, Jan-Feb 1996, p.8
  5. Ursula Franklin Peace, technology and the role of ordinary people, Jan-Feb 1996, p.13
  6. Alan Dearnley; Michael Johnston; Susan McClelland People of global spirit, Jan-Feb 1996, p.16
  7. Alan Phillips Beyond the World Court project: abolition of nuclear weapons, Jan-Feb 1996, p.20
  8. Pat Kipping Media literacy: an important strategy for building peace, Jan-Feb 1996, p.23
  9. Metta Spencer (interviewer) The impact of Pugwash, Jan-Feb 1996, p.24
  10. Janis Alton The potential of the Beijing declaration and the platform for action, Jan-Feb 1996, p.26
  11. Niloo Kalaam (reviewer) Lajja, Jan-Feb 1996, p.28
  12. Chris Hendry Newsworthy, Jan-Feb 1996, p.31

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