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  1. Editorial, May-Jun 1995, p.4
  2. Letters, May-Jun 1995, p.5
  3. Newsworthy, May-Jun 1995, p.7
  4. Patricia Adams Misspent billions: Third World aid?, May-Jun 1995, p.8,
  5. John Bacher Dams, cars, refrigerators, and population control, May-Jun 1995, p.9
  6. Metta Spencer (interviewer) Secession and its outcomes, May-Jun 1995, p.12
  7. Andrew Pakula War and peace: Yugoslavia, the world's failure, May-Jun 1995, p.16
  8. Leonard V Johnson Rethinking the roles for Canadian forces abroad, May-Jun 1995, p.23
  9. John Bacher The peaceful greening of Central America, May-Jun 1995, p.24
  10. Balancing market and community interests: sustainability and the global economy, May-Jun 1995, p.26
  11. John Marshall (reviewer) The wages of guilt: memories of war in Germany & Japan, May-Jun 1995, p.30
  12. Yevgenia Issraelyan (reviewer) United Nations reform: looking ahead after fifty years, May-Jun 1995, p.31

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