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  1. Editorial, Jul-Aug 1994, p.4
  2. Letters, Jul-Aug 1994, p.5
  3. Mohamed Urdoh Democracy in Yemen: Pandora's box?, Jul-Aug 1994, p.6
  4. Ed Chudnovksy Landmines in Cambodia: his left foot, and the right one too, Jul-Aug 1994, p.8
  5. Subir Guin Kashmir: idyllic battleground?, Jul-Aug 1994, p.11
  6. Trudy Govier Reconciliation with the Stasi?, Jul-Aug 1994, p.13
  7. Metta Spencer (interviewer) Preventive diplomacy in Burundi: a conversation with Normand Beaudet, Jul-Aug 1994, p.16
  8. Scott Robarts and Fergus Watt Tribunal may pave way to international criminal court, Jul-Aug 1994, p.21
  9. Michael Enright (interviewer) Crimes of the past, Jul-Aug 1994, p.22
  10. Maxine K Nunn The Bedouins and the bulldozers, Jul-Aug 1994, p.23
  11. Phyllis Creighton and Natasha Feder Population challenge, Jul-Aug 1994, p.24
  12. Tom Clairmont Ode to MAGDI: addressing military base closures, Jul-Aug 1994, p.26
  13. Michael Ignatieff Blood & belonging: journeys into the new nationalism, Jul-Aug 1994, p.28
  14. Jerry Ellis Walking the trail: one man's journey along the Cherokee trail of tears, Jul-Aug 1994, p.29
  15. Newsworthy, Jul-Aug 1994, p.30

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