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  1. Metta Spencer From the Editor, Mar-Apr 1991, p.4
  2. Barry Stevens, Mac Scott, Saul Chernos Newsworthy, Mar-Apr 1991, p.5
  3. Hanna Newcombe The U.N. is Finally Operating As It Was Designed To Operate But Do We Like It?, Mar-Apr 1991, p.6
  4. Metta Spencer (interviewer) The Gulf Peace Team: Interview with Jean Drèze, Mar-Apr 1991, p.8
  5. Harriet Friedmann The Forgotten Alternative, Mar-Apr 1991, p.12
  6. Shirley Farlinger Letter from New York, Mar-Apr 1991, p.15
  7. John Bacher The Lessons From Oka: A Special Section on Native Issues, Mar-Apr 1991, p.16
  8. John Bacher (interviewer) Sharing Ancestral Knowledge: An Interview with Chief Jake Thomas, Mar-Apr 1991, p.17
  9. Doug George Where the Violence Began, Mar-Apr 1991, p.21
  10. Tony Hall Racism, First Nations, and the Constitution, Mar-Apr 1991, p.23
  11. Linda Champagne The Mohawk Nation Struggles for Peaceful Ways, Mar-Apr 1991, p.24
  12. Dawn Hill Last Stand of the Lubicon, Mar-Apr 1991, p.27
  13. Dan Gaspé Oka From The Inside, Mar-Apr 1991, p.28
  14. Anabel Cathral A Call To Action!, Mar-Apr 1991, p.30
  15. Deborah Ferens, Bob Fink, Saul Chernos Notes, Mar-Apr 1991, p.31

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