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  1. Metta Spencer From the Editor, Jan-Feb 1991, p.4
  2. Hans Sinn Letter from Germany, Jan-Feb 1991, p.5
  3. Dietrich Fischer A Peace Plan for the Gulf, Jan-Feb 1991, p.6
  4. Leonard V Johnson Folly Unleashed: War in the Gulf?, Jan-Feb 1991, p.7
  5. Anatol Rapoport The State of the World/The Year That Was, Jan-Feb 1991, p.8
  6. William Epstein, Douglas Roche, WD Macnamara, Betty Reardon The State of the World in the Beginning of the Last Decade of the Century: 22 Questions, Jan-Feb 1991, p.10
  7. Jonathan Barker South Africa: Warlords and Shanty Dwellers, Jan-Feb 1991, p.15
  8. Is there a Gorbachev for China?, Jan-Feb 1991, p.16
  9. Harn Yawnghwe Burma: The Racket in Rangoon, Jan-Feb 1991, p.18
  10. David Webster The Genocide Generation in East Timor, Jan-Feb 1991, p.20
  11. Peggy Teagle Civil War and Peace in Sudan, Jan-Feb 1991, p.22
  12. Sarah Genaite Can Anyone Save the USSR?, Jan-Feb 1991, p.24
  13. Anatol Rapoport The Twelve Most Unfortunate Countries in the World, Jan-Feb 1991, p.25
  14. Disarmament Campaigns Disarmament Campaigns, Jan-Feb 1991, p.26
  15. Ross Smyth, Mac Scott Newsworthy, Jan-Feb 1991, p.28
  16. Saul Chernos Notes, Jan-Feb 1991, p.30

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