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  1. From the Editor, Oct-Nov 1990, p.4
  2. Letters, Oct-Nov 1990, p.5
  3. Barry Wellman How to Beat a Bulgarian Radar Trap, Oct-Nov 1990, p.6
  4. John Bacher Roots of the Mohawk Crisis, Oct-Nov 1990, p.7
  5. Metta Spencer (interviewer) And now Iraq, Oct-Nov 1990, p.8
  6. David Wurfel Cambodia Update -1990, Oct-Nov 1990, p.10
  7. Issue on Post-Secondary Peace Education, Oct-Nov 1990, p.12
  8. Joanna Santa Barbara The (Incomplete) Making of a Peace Educator, Oct-Nov 1990, p.12
  9. Donna Smyth Beyond Opposites, Oct-Nov 1990, p.13
  10. Graeme MacQueen (interviewer) An interview with the Rector of the University of El Salvador, José Luis Argueta Antillon, Oct-Nov 1990, p.14
  11. Anatol Rapoport The Three Branches of The Peace Movement:, Oct-Nov 1990, p.16
  12. Bonnie Constable; Amir Hussain Students Reflect on Peace Studies, Oct-Nov 1990, p.19
  13. Joanna Santa Barbara (interviewer) Thought and Action at the University for Peace: An interview with Julio Quan, Oct-Nov 1990, p.20
  14. William Klassen; John Bacher The Origins of Violence, Oct-Nov 1990, p.22
  15. Bruce Torrie, Richard Sanders Newsworthy, Oct-Nov 1990, p.24
  16. Disarmament Campaigns Disarmament Campaigns, Oct-Nov 1990, p.25
  17. Anne Bourret, Saul Chernos Notes, Oct-Nov 1990, p.28

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