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  1. Editorial, Apr-May 1989, p.4
  2. Letters, Apr-May 1989, p.5
  3. Peace Education, Apr-May 1989, p.6
  4. Alan Weiss A Marxist-Christian Symposium in Moscow, Apr-May 1989, p.7
  5. James Graff What Chance for Peace Between Israel and the PLO?, Apr-May 1989, p.8
  6. Subir Guin What Chance for Peace on the Indian Subcontinent?, Apr-May 1989, p.8
  7. Mohamed Y. Urdoh What Chance for Peace in the Horn of Africa?, Apr-May 1989, p.10
  8. Colleen O'Manique What Chance for Peace in Southern Africa?, Apr-May 1989, p.11
  9. David Wurfel What Chance for Peace in Indo-China?, Apr-May 1989, p.12
  10. Tim Draimin and Liisa North What Chance for Peace in Central America?, Apr-May 1989, p.14
  11. Richard Sanders ARMX '89 and the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade, Apr-May 1989, p.15
  12. Brydon Gombay Mama Nancy, Apr-May 1989, p.16
  13. Mordecai Breimberg Israel After Vanunu, Apr-May 1989, p.18
  14. Peter Langille In Pursuit of Strategic Flexibility, Apr-May 1989, p.19
  15. Jean Smith (reviewer) Our Militarized North, Apr-May 1989, p.22
  16. Koozma Tarasoff (reviewer) Getting to Know the Stranger, Apr-May 1989, p.23
  17. Joanna Santa Barbara (reviewer) Aikido Peacemaking, Apr-May 1989, p.23
  18. John Bacher (reviewer) Peace with Freedom, Apr-May 1989, p.23
  19. Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg Japan's Economic Miracle: Masking its Nuclear and Military Growth, Apr-May 1989, p.24
  20. Disarmament Campaigns; Jacek Czaputowicz Disarmament Campaigns, Apr-May 1989, p.26
  21. Seth Klein, Donald Craig, Deborah Ferens, Ellen Gould Notes, Apr-May 1989, p.27
  22. Saul Chernos, John Bacher Newsworthy, Apr-May 1989, p.29

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