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  1. Theodore Olson Some Problems With Common Security:, Aug-Sep 1990, p.18
  2. Theodore Herman The road not yet taken in the former Yugoslavia, Nov-Dec 1994, p.10
  3. Theodore Herman The Balkan Peace Studies Centre in Skopje, Macedonia, Jul-Sep 2000, p.25
  4. Geoffrey Forden, Pavel Podvig, And Theodore A. Postol Colonel Petrov's Good Judgment, Apr-Jun 2001, p.16
  5. Russia may have violated the INF Treaty. Here’s how the United States appears to have done the same., Feb 2019, p.x2
  6. Metta Spencer, Sergey Rogov, Theodore Postol, Douglas Roche After the INF Treaty?, Apr-Jun 2019, p.8

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