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  1. Phil Smith-Eivemark, Subir Guin Going Nuclear: Brazil and India, Apr-May 1988, p.8
  2. Subir Guin After the INF Treaty. . .Are We Really Better Off?, Aug-Sep 1988, p.26
  3. Subir Guin Militarization Around the Indian Ocean, Oct-Nov 1988, p.20
  4. Subir Guin What Chance for Peace on the Indian Subcontinent?, Apr-May 1989, p.8
  5. Subir Guin Update: Palau Still Resists Pentagon's Pressure, Jun-Jul 1990, p.19
  6. Subir Guin India: Precarious Peace, Jan-Feb 1992, p.11
  7. Subir Guin (interviewer) The Kurd Factor, Mar-Apr 1992, p.19
  8. Subir Guin Trouble in the Valley, May-Jun 1992, p.10
  9. Subir Guin Kashmir: idyllic battleground?, Jul-Aug 1994, p.11
  10. Subir Guin Gaza's Hidden Resources, Apr-Jun 2009, p.6
  11. Subir Guin (reviewer) Why We Are in Afghanistan ..., Jul-Sep 2010, p.28
  12. Subir Guin James Hansen Speaks on Climate Change, Oct-Dec 2010, p.6
  13. Subir Guin Expectations and Fears after India's Elections, Jul-Sep 2014, p.22
  14. Subir Guin and Ed Silva Ukraine and Russia: Prospects for Peace, Apr-Jun 2015, p.26
  15. Subir Guin (reviewer) God's Terrorists, Apr-Jun 2016, p.29
  16. Subir Guin (reviewer) Minutes to Midnight, Jul-Sep 2016, p.30
  17. Subir Guin (reviewer) Smart Peacekeeping: Toward Tech-Enabled UN Operations, Oct-Dec 2016, p.30
  18. Subir Guin (reviewer) Hope Not Fear: Building Peace in a Fractured World, Oct-Dec 2017, p.28
  19. Subir Guin 2017 Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to ICAN: Where do we Go From Here?, Jan-Mar 2018, p.6
  20. Ashis Nandy, Subir Guin, Metta Spencer Modi's India: a Conversation, Oct-Dec 2019, p.8
  21. Subir Guin (reviewer) The Green New Deal, Jan-Mar 2020, p.28
  22. Subir Guin China in India, Oct-Dec 2020, p.13
  23. What Happened in Burma, July-September 2022, p.10

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