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  1. Simon Rosenblum; Arnold Simoni Directions, March 1985, p.9
  2. Simon Rosenblum A Knock-and-Drop Campaign?, December 1985, p.6
  3. Simon Rosenblum Allies in Wonderland: Canada, the U.S., and Star Wars, December 1985, p.14
  4. Simon Rosenblum Canada Votes Against Freeze, Feb-Mar 1986, p.23
  5. Simon Rosenblum Canada Renews NORAD: No Questions Asked, Apr-May 1986, p.7
  6. Simon Rosenblum Recent Months in Review, Jun-Jul 1986, p.6
  7. Simon Rosenblum Uncommon Security: Appraising the Special Joint Committee Report on Canada's International Relations, Oct-Nov 1986, p.28
  8. Simon Rosenblum Jobs and Military Spending, Oct-Nov 1986, p.46
  9. Valerie Osborne, Sheena Lambert, Shirley Farlinger, Simon Rosenblum, Margot Trevelyan Notes, Dec 1986-Jan 1987, p.42
  10. Simon Rosenblum and Fergus Watt Election Priorities 88/89, Oct-Nov 1987, p.25
  11. Simon Rosenblum The U.N. Disarmament and Development Conference, Dec 1987-Jan 1988, p.11
  12. Simon Rosenblum After the INF?, Apr-May 1988, p.20
  13. Simon Rosenblum, Fergus Watt, Christine Peringer, Robert Penner (panelists) What's there left to wish for, since the election?, Feb-Mar 1989, p.24
  14. Simon Rosenblum Tribute to Andrei Sakharov, Jun-Jul 1990, p.6
  15. Simon Rosenblum German Reunification and the Future of the Blocs, Jun-Jul 1990, p.13

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