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  1. Lyn Adamson (reviewer) Peace, Conflict, and Violence: Peace Psychology for the 21st Century, Jul-Sep 2004, p.28
  2. Lyn Adamson Post-G20 Reflections on 'Diversity of Tactics,' or Why Nonviolence is Necessary, Oct-Dec 2010, p.26
  3. Lyn Adamson, Marion Pape, and Madelyn Mackay Voice of Women for Peace: Building Peace and Resisting War for 50 Years, Jan-Mar 2011, p.6
  4. Lyn Adamson The Canadian Boat to Gaza, Oct-Dec 2011, p.8
  5. Lyn Adamson Idle No More, Apr-Jun 2013, p.8
  6. Lyn Adamson (reviewer) For Earth's Sake: Toward a Compassionate Ecology, Jul-Sep 2014, p.29
  7. Lyn Adamson ClimateFast, Jan-Mar 2016, p.16
  8. Rosemary Frei And Lyn Adamson World Social Forum 2016: Burning Issues in Montréal, Oct-Dec 2016, p.22

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