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  1. John Bacher (reviewer) The Coming of World War Three, Dec 1986-Jan 1987, p.41
  2. John Bacher (reviewer) Arms Canada: The Deadly Business of Military Exports, Jun-Jul 1987, p.32
  3. John Bacher (reviewer) Witness Against War, Oct-Nov 1987, p.41
  4. John Bacher (reviewer) The View from the East, Jun-Jul 1988, p.23
  5. John Bacher (reviewer) How to Invest Your Money With a Clear Conscience, Jun-Jul 1988, p.23
  6. John Bacher (reviewer) The Road to Peace, Feb-Mar 1989, p.23
  7. John Bacher (reviewer) Peace with Freedom, Apr-May 1989, p.23
  8. John Bacher (reviewer) Indians' Survival: Environment and Uranium Mining, Jun-Jul 1989, p.25
  9. John Bacher (reviewer) Across the Berlin Wall, Aug-Sep 1989, p.22
  10. John Bacher (reviewer) Peace: an idea whose time has come, Sep-Oct 1993, p.27
  11. John Bacher (reviewer) Review: Allow the Water: Anger, Fear, Power, Work, Sexuality, Community and the Spirituality and Practice of Nonviolence, Jan-Feb 1997, p.29
  12. John Bacher (reviewer) Review Essay: What Michael Ignatieff Left Out, Oct-Dec 2000, p.28
  13. John Bacher (reviewer) Review: In the Shadow of a Saint, Apr-Jun 2001, p.29
  14. John Bacher (reviewer) Review: The Lessons of Yugoslavia, Jul-Sep 2001, p.28
  15. John Bacher (reviewer) Review: Democratic Equality: What Went Wrong, Jan-Mar 2002, p.28
  16. John Bacher (reviewer) Review: The Sanctions Decade: Assessing UN Strategies in the 1990s, Apr-Jun 2002, p.29
  17. John Bacher (reviewer) Review: Searching for Peace: The Road to Transcend, Jan-Mar 2003, p.27
  18. John Bacher (reviewer) Why America Slept: The Failure to Prevent 9/11/01, Jan-Mar 2004, p.29
  19. John Bacher (reviewer) On Strategic Nonviolent Conflict: Thinking About the Fundamentals, Oct-Dec 2004, p.29
  20. John Bacher (reviewer) Waging Nonviolent Struggle:20th Century Practice and 21st Century Potential, Jul-Sep 2005, p.28
  21. John Bacher (reviewer) Empire Lite: Nation-Building in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan, Oct-Dec 2006, p.28
  22. John Bacher (reviewer) Life, Money & Illusion: Living on Earth as if We Want to Stay, Jul-Sep 2007, p.28
  23. John Bacher (reviewer) Descent Into Chaos, Jul-Sep 2009, p.29
  24. John Bacher (reviewer) Merging Fires: Grassroots Peacebuilding Between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Peoples, Jul-Sep 2014, p.28
  25. John Bacher (reviewer) Putin's Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia?, Oct-Dec 2015, p.31
  26. John Bacher (reviewer) From the Land of Shadows, Apr-Jun 2016, p.30
  27. John Bacher (reviewer) Authoritarianism Goes Global: The Challenge to Democracy, April-June 2017, p.29
  28. John Bacher (reviewer) Aftershocks: Great Powers and Domestic Reforms in the Twentieth Century, Oct-Dec 2017, p.30
  29. John Bacher (reviewer) Peace Issues in the 21st Century Global Context, Apr-Jun 2018, p.30
  30. John Bacher (reviewer) Man of the Trees: Richard St. Barbe Baker, the First Global Conservationist, Jul-Sep 2019, p.28
  31. John Bacher (reviewer) Ill Winds: Saving Democracy From Russian Rage, Chinese Ambition, and American Complacency, Oct-Dec 2019, p.28
  32. John Bacher (reviewer) The Big Thaw: Ancient Carbon, Modern Science and the Race to Save the World, April-June 2020, p.28
  33. John Bacher (reviewer) How Democracies Die, Jan-Mar 2021, p.28
  34. John Bacher Blood Washing Blood, January-March 2022, p.24
  35. John Bacher (reviewer) Testimonio: Canadian Mining in the Aftermath of Genocide in Guatemala, April-June 2022, p.43
  36. John Bacher (reviewer) The Treeline, July-September 2022, p.43
  37. Ever Green: Saving Big Forests to Save the Planet, , p.
  38. A Trillion Trees: Restoring Our Forests by Trusting in Nature, , p.

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