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  1. Janet Nicol Mongolia's Purge Museum, May-June 1999, p.28
  2. Janet Nicol The Middle East Peace Quilt, Fall 1999, p.15
  3. Janet Nicol Romano Finds Conflict in Pursuit of Peace, Apr-Jun 2006, p.7
  4. Janet Nicol Past Meets Present at "Our Way Home" Reunion, Oct-Dec 2006, p.20
  5. Janet Nicol Women De-Miners Build Peace, Apr-Jun 2009, p.7
  6. Janet Nicol Beirut's Garden of Forgiveness, Oct-Dec 2009, p.27
  7. Janet Nicol Irish Laureates Join Dalai Lama at Vancouver Summit, Jan-Mar 2010, p.24
  8. Janet Nicol Human Rights Law and Colombia's Peace Talks, Apr-Jun 2013, p.24
  9. Janet Nicol Will the Embargo Against Cuba Ever End?, Jul-Sep 2014, p.13
  10. Janet Nicol Violence Against Aboriginal Women 'a Human Rights Crisis', Jul-Sep 2015, p.6
  11. Janet Nicol Implement Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission Recommendations, Oct-Dec 2015, p.25
  12. Janet Nicol A Global First as Mozambique Becomes Landmine Free, Apr-Jun 2016, p.23
  13. Janet Nicol Measuring Peace in a Dangerous World, Jan-Mar 2017, p.6

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