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  1. James Dorsey and Mushahid Ali Future of Islamic State: Not Merely Religion, Jan-Mar 2016, p.6
  2. James Dorsey Saudi Arabia and Iran: The Battle for Hegemony that the Kingdom Cannot Win, Apr-Jun 2016, p.8
  3. James Dorsey Political Violence and Sectarianism in Pakistan, Oct-Dec 2016, p.24
  4. James Dorsey Women's Gyms and the Limits of Saudi Reforms, April-June 2017, p.15
  5. James Dorsey The Middle East's Nuclear Technology Clock Starts to Tick, Apr-Jun 2018, p.28
  6. James Dorsey Xinjiang: Pan-Turkism Fuels China's Hearts and Minds Campaign, Oct-Dec 2018, p.22
  7. James Dorsey Pakistan's Place in the Chinese Belt & Road Project, Jan-Mar 2019, p.26
  8. James Dorsey China in the Middle East, Oct-Dec 2020, p.8
  9. James Dorsey The Muslim World's Changing Dynamics:Pakistan Struggles to Retain its Footing, Jan-Mar 2021, p.26
  10. Victor Orban's Eyes May be Bigger Than His Stomach, , p.

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