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  1. Hanna Newcombe; Arnold Simoni Stable Peace, Feb-Mar 1990, p.16
  2. Hanna Newcombe What is Common Security? A Conceptual Comparison, Aug-Sep 1990, p.8
  3. Hanna Newcombe The U.N. is Finally Operating As It Was Designed To Operate But Do We Like It?, Mar-Apr 1991, p.6
  4. Hanna Newcombe Peace Not a Pool Game, Sep-Oct 1991, p.12
  5. Hanna Newcombe The battle of the peace models, Jan-Feb 1993, p.16
  6. Hanna Newcombe Maastricht and NAFTA, Jun-Jul 1993, p.10
  7. Hanna Newcombe Gross violations of human rights, Mar-Apr 1996, p.23
  8. Hanna Newcombe (reviewer) Review: Quebec Separatism, Canadian Unity, Sep-Oct 1997, p.30
  9. Hanna Newcombe (reviewer) Review: Dimensions of Peace, Sep-Oct 1997, p.30
  10. Hanna Newcombe The ethics of economic sanctions, Jan-Feb 1998, p.15
  11. Hanna Newcombe Review: Gandhian Economics, Mar-Apr 1998, p.28
  12. Hanna Newcombe Uses of Democracy, Jan-Mar 2001, p.15
  13. Hanna Newcombe The Importance of Being Saved, Jan-Mar 2005, p.13
  14. Hanna Newcombe Natural Selection as a Ratchet Effect, Oct-Dec 2008, p.26
  15. Hanna Newcombe Human Survival, the H-Bomb, the Taboo Formula, the Game of Chicken, Power Politics, and Deterrence, Jan-Mar 2010, p.21

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