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  1. Fergus Watt At the NATO Ministers' Meeting, Aug-Sep 1986, p.7
  2. Fergus Watt Canada's Foreign Policy Review, Oct-Nov 1986, p.7
  3. Simon Rosenblum and Fergus Watt Election Priorities 88/89, Oct-Nov 1987, p.25
  4. Simon Rosenblum, Fergus Watt, Christine Peringer, Robert Penner (panelists) What's there left to wish for, since the election?, Feb-Mar 1989, p.24
  5. Scott Robarts and Fergus Watt Tribunal may pave way to international criminal court, Jul-Aug 1994, p.21
  6. Fergus Watt and Peggy Teagle Creating an international criminal court, Mar-Apr 1996, p.6
  7. Fergus Watt Update on the International Criminal Court, Mar-Apr 1997, p.24
  8. Fergus Watt International Criminal Court Advances Despite US Opposition, Oct-Dec 2002, p.5
  9. Fergus Watt The Crime of Aggression, April-June 2017, p.24
  10. Fergus Watt Remembering Murray Thomson, Jul-Sep 2019, p.13

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