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  1. David Mandel and Eric Shragge Movement Should Work Towards An End To Canada's Role In NATO, May 1985, p.28
  2. Eric Shragge Goals Beyond Star Wars, December 1985, p.27
  3. Joan Rentoul, Alan Silverman, Duncan MacDonald, David Delaunay, Donald Craig, Eric Shragge, Gary Marchant Notes, Feb-Mar 1986, p.26
  4. Eric Shragge Universities and Arms, Jun-Jul 1987, p.14
  5. Helen Spiegelman, Valerie Osborne, John Osborne, Phyllis Aronoff, Eric Shragge, Shirley Farlinger, Vera de Jong, Ish Theilheimer Notes, Aug-Sep 1987, p.40
  6. Donald Craig, Peter Davison, Alan Wilson, Kathleen O'Hara, Andrea Levy, Eric Shragge, Ellen Gould Notes, Oct-Nov 1988, p.26

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