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  1. David Webster (reviewer) The Worst Accident in the World: Chernobyl and the End of the Nuclear Dream, Jun-Jul 1987, p.33
  2. David Webster, Donald Craig Notes, Oct-Nov 1989, p.30
  3. David Webster East Timor's Pain - and Canada's Complicity, Dec 1989-Jan 1990, p.9
  4. David Webster The Genocide Generation in East Timor, Jan-Feb 1991, p.20
  5. David Webster And What Is Stopping the U.N.?, May-Jun 1992, p.13
  6. David Webster Will the Nobel Prize Help East Timor?, Jan-Feb 1997, p.19
  7. David Webster West Papua: The Next East Timor?, Apr-Jun 2001, p.12

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