Can We Do Without the Bomb?

Mark Sommer, Beyond the Bomb: Living without Nuclear Weapons Expro Press, Mass. 1985, 180pp softcover.

By Joanne Santa Barbara (reviewer) | 1986-08-01 12:00:00

Peace activists roughly agree as to what we are against, but many of us are only beginning to work out what we are for. We are confronted by a bewildering array of possibilities in alternative defence: nonprovocative defence using high technology, nonmilitary defence, global security systems, international law, conflict resolution strategies, civilian based defence, nonviolence. Where does economic conversion fit in? Should I study games theory or go in for future imaging? Mark Sommer, writing for the Exploratory Project on the Conditions of Peace, surveys the field in a small book that is brilliantly illustrated by Ed Koren.

We have effectively presented the First World with a vision of horror to rouse people from complacency. It is now up to us to develop a vision of hope in a feasible future beyond war, to show how it could be done. "Beyond the Bomb" is an excellent primer, from which we can make choices to deepen our knowledge.

A curious omission in a discussion of strategies for building a stable peace was any mention of peace or global awareness education. Many would see this as an essential component. This aside, all peace activists will find this an extremely helpful "field guide."

Peace Magazine Aug-Sep 1986

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