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  1. Saul Chernos, John Bacher Newsworthy, Apr-May 1989, p.29
  2. Saul Chernos Trying to Keep a Secret, Aug-Sep 1989, p.8
  3. Christine Peringer, Saul Chernos, John Bacher, Karen Ridd Newsworthy, Aug-Sep 1989, p.25
  4. Donald Craig, Saul Chernos Notes, Aug-Sep 1990, p.31
  5. Anne Bourret, Saul Chernos Notes, Oct-Nov 1990, p.28
  6. Saul Chernos Notes, Jan-Feb 1991, p.30
  7. Barry Stevens, Mac Scott, Saul Chernos Newsworthy, Mar-Apr 1991, p.5
  8. Deborah Ferens, Bob Fink, Saul Chernos Notes, Mar-Apr 1991, p.31
  9. Deborah Ferens, Saul Chernos Notes, May-Jun 1991, p.27
  10. Saul Chernos An Invitation to Ontario Peace Activists, May-Jun 1991, p.30
  11. Deborah Ferens, Saul Chernos Notes, Jul-Aug 1991, p.29
  12. Deborah Ferens, Saul Chernos Notes, Sep-Oct 1991, p.31
  13. Deborah Ferens, Saul Chernos NOTES, Nov-Dec 1991, p.31
  14. John Ralston Saul Burma: Time to Put on the Pressure, Jan-Feb 1997, p.23
  15. Saul Arbess Infrastructures for Peace (I4P): A Way Forward in Peacebuilding, Apr-Jun 2014, p.18

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