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  1. Ronald Babin Québec Group Opposes Coalition, August 1985, p.23
  2. Ronald Babin Telling the Secrets of the Sea, Apr-May 1986, p.14
  3. Valerie Osborne, Alison Dyer, Peter Armitage, Jennifer Kinloch, Gary Marchant, Donna Balkan, Phyllis Aronoff, Howard Scott Notes, Apr-May 1986, p.28
  4. Jean-Guy Vaillancourt, Ronald Babin, Gary Marchant, Valerie Osborne, Joan Bishop, Shirley Farlinger, David Delaunay Notes, Aug-Sep 1986, p.27
  5. Kay Macpherson, Phyllis Aronoff, Valerie Osborne, Metta Spencer, Sheena Lambert Notes, Feb-Mar 1987, p.42
  6. Randy Dryburgh, Dimitrios Roussopoulos, Phyllis Aronoff, Sheena Lambert, Isabelle George, David Kraft Notes, Apr-May 1987, p.40
  7. Helen Spiegelman, Valerie Osborne, John Osborne, Phyllis Aronoff, Eric Shragge, Shirley Farlinger, Vera de Jong, Ish Theilheimer Notes, Aug-Sep 1987, p.40
  8. Ron Dart Ground Zero:, Jun-Jul 1988, p.8
  9. Toronto Disarmament Network (interlocutors); Douglas Frith MP (speaker) The Liberal Defence Policy: Douglas Frith Answers Questions, Aug-Sep 1988, p.6
  10. Aaron Tovish (reviewer) The Return of a Peacenik, Dec 1989-Jan 1990, p.20
  11. Ruth Taronno Books for and About Children, Jun-Jul 1990, p.26
  12. Ronald Chiu The Instructive Tragedy of the Airbus: the perils of offensive technology, Aug-Sep 1990, p.17
  13. Ron Shirtliff Treaty After 51 Years of Nuke Tests, Nov-Dec 1996, p.26
  14. Ron Shirtliff (compiler); David Morgan (author) Close calls of the nuclear age, Jan-Feb 1997, p.20
  15. Jennie Barron Voisey's Bay And The Innu, Nov-Dec 1997, p.31
  16. Ron Shirtliff Review: The Ultimate Evil: The Fight to Ban Nuclear Weapons, Jan-Feb 1998, p.29
  17. Ron Shirtliff (reviewer) Dilemmas of Trust, Mar-Apr 1999, p.28
  18. Ron Shirtliff (reviewer) Review: Bread, Not Bombs: A Political Agenda for Social Justice, Jul-Sep 2000, p.29
  19. Ron Shirtliff (reviewer) Review: Runaway World, Jul-Sep 2001, p.27
  20. Ron Shirtliff (reviewer) Review: Nato and the Bomb: Defenders Confront Critics, Oct-Dec 2001, p.29
  21. Aaron Bates Protective Accompaniment, Apr-Jun 2002, p.20
  22. Aaron Bates Working for Human Rights in Guatemala, Jul-Sep 2003, p.14
  23. Ron Shirtliff (reviewer) Occupied Voices: Stories of Everyday Life from the Second Intifada, Jul-Sep 2004, p.30
  24. Ron Shirtliff Darfur, Oct-Dec 2004, p.24
  25. Ron Shirtliff Editorial, Jul-Sep 2006, p.4
  26. Ron Shirtliff UN Passes Arms Trade Treaty, Jan-Mar 2007, p.30
  27. Ron Shirtliff The Big Bomb, Jan-Mar 2008, p.23
  28. Ron Shirtliff (reviewer) The Assault on Reason, Jan-Mar 2008, p.29
  29. Ron Shirtliff Canada's Radarsat: High-Tech Satellites for Peace or for War?, Apr-Jun 2008, p.20
  30. Marshall Beck Censorship, Information Warfare and the Battle to Protect the Net: a Conversation With Ron Deibert, Apr-Jun 2008, p.24
  31. Ron Shirtliff (reviewer) Twilight War: The Folly of U.S. Space Dominance, Oct-Dec 2008, p.27
  32. Ron Shirtliff (reviewer) Putting the Nuclear Genie Back in the Bottle, Jan-Mar 2010, p.29
  33. Ron Shirtliff (reviewer) What is America?, Jul-Sep 2010, p.29
  34. Ron Shirtliff The G20 Summit, Protests, and Policing, Oct-Dec 2010, p.24
  35. Ron Shirtliff (reviewer) Security Without Nuclear Deterrence, Jan-Mar 2011, p.27
  36. Ron Shirtliff (reviewer) The Russian Quest for Peace and Democracy, Jul-Sep 2011, p.26
  37. Ron Shirtliff (reviewer) How We Stopped Loving the Bomb: An insider's account of the world on the brink of banning nuclear arms, Oct-Dec 2011, p.28
  38. Ron Shirtliff (reviewer) Wired for War, Apr-Jun 2012, p.29
  39. Ron Shirtliff The Mexican Drug Wars, Oct-Dec 2012, p.27
  40. Ron Shirtliff Health and Security, January-March 2013, p.25
  41. Recovering Nonviolent History: Civil Resistance in Liberation Struggles, Jul-Sep 2013, p.29
  42. Ron Shirtliff Reaching Critical Will Calls for Action, Jan-Mar 2014, p.22
  43. Ron Shirtliff The Roma and Canadian Prejudice, Jan-Mar 2014, p.24
  44. Ron Shirtliff (reviewer) Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety, Apr-Jun 2014, p.27
  45. Ron Shirtliff (reviewer) This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. Climate, Apr-Jun 2015, p.29
  46. Ronald Shirtliff (reviewer) Don't Even Think About It: Why Our Brains are Wired to Ignore Climate Change, Jul-Sep 2015, p.30
  47. Ron Shirtliff (reviewer) Dark Money, Jan-Mar 2017, p.28
  48. Joanna Santa Barbara and Ron Shirtliff Current Controversies, October-December 2021, p.30

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