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  1. Paul Miceli (reviewer) Review: Fearful Warriors: A Psychological profile of U.S.-Soviet relations., March 1985, p.31
  2. Paula Rochman (ed) Letters from Prison, December 1985, p.5
  3. Pauline Jewett National Letter Writing Campaign, Feb-Mar 1986, p.21
  4. Eugene Carroll, Franklyn Griffiths, George Ignatieff Disarmers Respond to Gorbachev, Apr-May 1986, p.11
  5. Anne Hume, Derek Paul, and Metta Spencer PeaceTravel, Aug-Sep 1986, p.18
  6. Eric Fawcett, Arthur Forer, Derek Paul, and Metta Spencer A 'New Way of Thinking' in the Soviet Union, Oct-Nov 1986, p.21
  7. Ross Smyth, Christine Peringer, Paul Dilse, Eric Walberg, John Bacher Newsworthy, Dec 1986-Jan 1987, p.38
  8. Sunshine Goldstream, Anna Briggs, Silas Townsend, Paul Eastwood, Andrew Van Velzen, Eric Tollefson, Alan Maxwell Letters, Apr-May 1988, p.5
  9. Metta Spencer (moderator); Norman Rubin, Derek Paul (discussants) Nuclear Exports: A Talk about Power and Bombs, Oct-Nov 1988, p.10
  10. Paul Dekar (reviewer) Courage and Truth, Nov-Dec 1991, p.28
  11. Paul Dekar Mairead Corrigan Maguire and the Northern Irish Peace People, Jul-Aug 1992, p.7
  12. Derek Paul How Much is Too Much?, Jul-Aug 1992, p.22
  13. Derek Paul A pox on violence, and a tax?, Mar-Apr 1994, p.24
  14. Derek Paul New life for the NPT?, Mar-Apr 1995, p.20
  15. Derek Paul (reviewer) An unacceptable risk: nuclear weapons in a volatile world, Mar-Apr 1996, p.29
  16. Derek Paul Angels Don't Play this HAARP, Sep-Oct 1996, p.18
  17. Lara Paul (reviewer) Film Review: Prisoner of the Mountains, Mar-Apr 1997, p.31
  18. Derek Paul Male and Female in Parliaments, Jul-Aug 1997, p.20
  19. Lara Paul Women in Danger in Afghanistan, Sep-Oct 1997, p.14
  20. Derek Paul Peace Studies at Bradford, Nov-Dec 1997, p.20
  21. Paul Dekar The need for reconciliation in Australia, Jan-Feb 1999, p.10
  22. Paul Heinbecker Human Security, Summer 1999, p.12
  23. Paul Dekar The Australian No Uranium Mining Campaign, Jul-Sep 2000, p.27
  24. Derek Paul (reviewer) Review: Virtual War, Oct-Dec 2000, p.26
  25. Justice Paul Reinhardt The International Criminal Court, Jan-Mar 2001, p.21
  26. Paula Green An Infusion of Dialogues, Jan-Mar 2003, p.16
  27. Paul R. Dekar Facing North Korea, Jan-Mar 2004, p.26
  28. Paul Dekar Healing Communities Torn by Racism and Violence, Jul-Sep 2004, p.19
  29. Paul Hamel Preventing Democracy in Haiti, Jan-Mar 2005, p.14
  30. Gloria Paul CFB Gagetown: Clean it Up, Shut it Down!, Jul-Sep 2005, p.12
  31. Paul Di Stefano The Struggle for Land and Liberty in Honduras, Jul-Sep 2005, p.18
  32. Derek Paul (reviewer) The Diplomacy of Hope: The United Nations Since the Cold War, Oct-Dec 2005, p.29
  33. Paul Di Stefano Remembering Saro-Wiwa and the Ogoni Nine, Jan-Mar 2006, p.12
  34. Paul Di Stefano Turning Over a New Leaf, Jul-Sep 2006, p.21
  35. Derek Paul The Global Issues Project, Jul-Sep 2007, p.15
  36. Paul Di Stefano No Laughing Matter, Jan-Mar 2008, p.8
  37. Paul Schwartzentruber Measuring Peace: A Critical Appraisal of the Global Peace Index 2010, Oct-Dec 2010, p.22
  38. Paul Dekar (reviewer) Reconciliation: Clearing the Past, Building a Future, Apr-Jun 2013, p.29
  39. Paul Weinberg Snooping in the Cold War, Jan-Mar 2014, p.26
  40. Pauline Luk Under the Umbrella: Impacts of Social Networks in Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement, Jul-Sep 2015, p.16
  41. Paul Meyer Iran Agreement: Nuclear Diplomacy's Hard-won Victory, Oct-Dec 2015, p.14
  42. Paul Meyer Give Cyber Peace a Chance, Jan-Mar 2017, p.20
  43. Paul Dekar (reviewer) Towards Less Adversarial Cultures, Jan-Mar 2017, p.29
  44. Derek Paul Review Essay: Drawdown, Oct-Dec 2018, p.28
  45. Paul Meyer Bleak Prospects for the 'Cornerstone' Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Jul-Sep 2019, p.6
  46. Derek Paul Move the Nuclear Weapons Money, Jul-Sep 2019, p.26
  47. Bob Rae; Charles Burton; Paul Copeland; Calixto Avila; Metta Spencer (moderator) Ambassador Bob Rae on Human Rights, April-June 2021, p.16

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