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  1. Shirley Farlinger, Leonard Farlinger, and Kafitryn Rogers Remembrance of Wars Past, November 1985, p.6
  2. Leonard V Johnston (reviewer) Defending Europe: Options for Security, Apr-May 1987, p.10
  3. Leonard Desroches Love of Earth and Enemy, Dec 1988-Jan 1989, p.16
  4. Leonard V Johnson Folly Unleashed: War in the Gulf?, Jan-Feb 1991, p.7
  5. Leonard V Johnson (reviewer) Beyond Nuclear Thinking, Jul-Aug 1991, p.26
  6. Leonard Desroches Maintaining the People's Joy, Nov-Dec 1991, p.13
  7. Leonard V. Johnson Europe: Plenty of Trouble For Europe, Jan-Feb 1992, p.17
  8. Len Desroches The Soul of Civilian-Based Defence, Mar-Apr 1992, p.12
  9. Len Desroches Non-Violence in the Jane Finch Corridor, Jul-Aug 1992, p.16
  10. Anatol Rapoport and Leonard Johnson Peacekeeping as a conversion opportunity, Sep-Oct 1993, p.12
  11. Leonard V Johnson Rethinking the roles for Canadian forces abroad, May-Jun 1995, p.23
  12. Gen. Leonard V. Johnson Brigadier (Ret) Michael Neale Harbottle, OBE, May-June 1997, p.5
  13. Leonard Desroches and Ursula Franklin Pacifism And Power, Oct-Dec 2000, p.8
  14. Maj-Gen (Ret.) Leonard V. Johnson Remembering Anatol, Five Years After, Oct-Dec 2012, p.23

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