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  1. Ken Hancock Understanding Of History Necessary If Movement Is Going To Succeed, April 1985, p.7
  2. Ken Hancock The Right to Take Your Conscience to Work, September 1985, p.28
  3. Metta Spencer with Sue Mackenzie Sue and the Splatter Gun Gang, Jun-Jul 1986, p.20
  4. Kenneth McNaught (reviewer) Sovereignty or Security? Government Policy in the Canadian North, 1936-1950, Jun-Jul 1990, p.25
  5. Ken Simons Taking on McDonald's, Sep-Oct 1996, p.6
  6. Ken Simons Islands of Civility and Resistance, May-June 1997, p.16
  7. Ken Simons Keeping the Military Weak and the Party Strong, May-June 1998, p.18
  8. Ken Simons (reviewer) Review: Literacy: Key to Democracy in the Americas., Jul-Aug 1998, p.30
  9. Ken Simons Pretended Thunder over Kosovo, Jan-Feb 1999, p.14
  10. Ken Simons (reviewer) Challenge to Mars: Essays on Pacifism from 1918 to 1945, Summer 1999, p.29
  11. Ken Simons The Rise and Fall of the Plastic Bullet, Jul-Sep 2001, p.13
  12. Ken Simons (reviewer) Review: Civil Resistance in Kosovo, Oct-Dec 2001, p.30
  13. Ken Simons Financial Intervention, Jul-Sep 2002, p.26
  14. Ken Simons Sovereignty and Responsibility to Protect, Jan-Mar 2003, p.23
  15. Ken Simons The Strange Journey of a Piece of Disinformation, Apr-Jun 2003, p.17
  16. Ken Simons (reviewer) Radical Pacifism: The War Resisters League and Gandhian Nonviolence in America 1915-1963, Oct-Dec 2004, p.30
  17. Ken Simons Lebanon's Democratic Culture Shows Its Roots, Apr-Jun 2005, p.6
  18. Ken Simons Editorial, Apr-Jun 2006, p.4
  19. Ken Simons (reviewer) X-Static fabric, Jan-Mar 2007, p.29
  20. Ken Simons Iraq's Uncertain Oil Future, Apr-Jun 2007, p.23
  21. Ken Simons (reviewer) Peace Parks: Conservation and Conflict Resolution, Apr-Jun 2008, p.30
  22. Ken Simons Editorial, Jul-Sep 2008, p.4
  23. Lee McKenna The Nonviolent Way in Sudan, Jan-Mar 2009, p.12
  24. Ken Simons (reviewer) People Power: Unarmed Resistance and Global Solidarity, Jul-Sep 2010, p.30
  25. Editorial, Oct-Dec 2010, p.4
  26. Kenneth Epps Five Reasons to Reconsider the F-35, Apr-Jun 2012, p.7
  27. Ken Simons (reviewer) Warrior Nation: Rebranding Canada in an Age of Anxiety, Jul-Sep 2012, p.29
  28. Lee A. McKenna Midwifing Peace in Sudan, Oct-Dec 2012, p.16
  29. Ken Simons (reviewer) Walls: Travels Along the Barricades, January-March 2013, p.29
  30. Kenneth Hewitt Militarism and Peacetime Disasters, Apr-Jun 2013, p.20
  31. Ken Simons Howard Clark 1950-2013, Jan-Mar 2014, p.29
  32. Ken Simons The Catastrophic Success of Ukraine's Uprising, Apr-Jun 2014, p.16
  33. Lee McKenna Three Snapshots: Tong Ping to Tong Ping, Apr-Jun 2014, p.25
  34. Ken Simons (reviewer) The United Nations in the 21st Century, Jan-Mar 2016, p.30
  35. Ken Simons Australia's Pacific Problem, Jan-Mar 2019, p.28

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