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  1. John Marsh Letter from Hiroshima, August 1985, p.5
  2. John Bacher The Independent Peace Movements in Eastern Europe, December 1985, p.8
  3. John Bacher Our Very Own Arms Broker, Feb-Mar 1986, p.6
  4. John Bacher How Socialist France Embraced the Bomb, Jun-Jul 1986, p.13
  5. Shirley Farlinger, John Bacher, Al Rycroft, Janis Alton, Anne Runyan, David Collins, Woodrow W Coward Newsworthy, Jun-Jul 1986, p.22
  6. John Bacher Twentieth Century Hawks and Doves, Aug-Sep 1986, p.6
  7. John Bacher Recent Months in Review, Oct-Nov 1986, p.6
  8. Ross Smyth, Christine Peringer, Paul Dilse, Eric Walberg, John Bacher Newsworthy, Dec 1986-Jan 1987, p.38
  9. John Bacher (reviewer) The Coming of World War Three, Dec 1986-Jan 1987, p.41
  10. John Bacher Eurocommunism: Showing a Human Face to Both Blocs, Feb-Mar 1987, p.27
  11. John Lamb The Cruise Threat to Canadian-U.S. relations, Apr-May 1987, p.6
  12. Leonard V Johnston (reviewer) Defending Europe: Options for Security, Apr-May 1987, p.10
  13. John Bacher The NDP and the Peace Movement, Jun-Jul 1987, p.7
  14. John Bacher (reviewer) Arms Canada: The Deadly Business of Military Exports, Jun-Jul 1987, p.32
  15. John Prendergrast Peace Education, Jun-Jul 1987, p.46
  16. John Bacher The Brundtland Report: Our Common Future, Aug-Sep 1987, p.11
  17. Helen Spiegelman, Valerie Osborne, John Osborne, Phyllis Aronoff, Eric Shragge, Shirley Farlinger, Vera de Jong, Ish Theilheimer Notes, Aug-Sep 1987, p.40
  18. John Bacher (reviewer) Witness Against War, Oct-Nov 1987, p.41
  19. John Bacher The Secret Team, Part I: The Secret's Out, Dec 1987-Jan 1988, p.6
  20. John Bacher The Secret Team, Part II: The Way of Pigs, Feb-Mar 1988, p.10
  21. John Bacher The Secret Team, Part III: Chaos in Laos, Apr-May 1988, p.9
  22. Metta Spencer, Jennifer Ramsay, John Bacher (interviewers) Peace Education, Apr-May 1988, p.31
  23. John Bacher The Secret Team, Part IV: Visiting Vietnam, Jun-Jul 1988, p.10
  24. John Bacher (reviewer) The View from the East, Jun-Jul 1988, p.23
  25. John Bacher (reviewer) How to Invest Your Money With a Clear Conscience, Jun-Jul 1988, p.23
  26. John Baumann More on Del Tredici's Book... The Olive Branch Awards, Jun-Jul 1988, p.26
  27. Gavin McEwen, S. Millen, Eugenia Johnson, J. Barber-Starkey, Phil Esmonde Letters, Aug-Sep 1988, p.5
  28. John Bacher The Secret Team, Part V: Cha Cha Cha! Overthrowing Latin Democracies, Aug-Sep 1988, p.14
  29. John Bacher For Lack of Evidence: It's Hard to Sue the Secret Team, Aug-Sep 1988, p.15
  30. John Bacher The Secret Team, Part VI: Who Did in the Prime Minister?, Oct-Nov 1988, p.15
  31. John Bacher The Secret Team, Part VII: The Secret Team in the Iran-Contra Affair, Dec 1988-Jan 1989, p.11
  32. John Bacher Islamic Nonviolent Resistance in the Struggle for Indian Independence, Dec 1988-Jan 1989, p.19
  33. John Bacher; Joy Phillips; Maxime Faille Newsworthy, Dec 1988-Jan 1989, p.24
  34. John Bacher (reviewer) The Road to Peace, Feb-Mar 1989, p.23
  35. John Bacher (reviewer) Peace with Freedom, Apr-May 1989, p.23
  36. Saul Chernos, John Bacher Newsworthy, Apr-May 1989, p.29
  37. John Bacher Ecocidal Wars, Jun-Jul 1989, p.15
  38. John Willis What's Next for Canada's Uranium Mining Business?, Jun-Jul 1989, p.22
  39. John Bacher (reviewer) Indians' Survival: Environment and Uranium Mining, Jun-Jul 1989, p.25
  40. John Bacher (reviewer) Across the Berlin Wall, Aug-Sep 1989, p.22
  41. Christine Peringer, Saul Chernos, John Bacher, Karen Ridd Newsworthy, Aug-Sep 1989, p.25
  42. John McMurtry This is War!, Aug-Sep 1989, p.30
  43. John Bacher Canadian Soldiers Hugged the Trees, Oct-Nov 1989, p.24
  44. Bruce Allen; John Bacher; Arial Braun; Harriet Friedmann; Barry Stevens (moderator) Through the Brandenburg Gate: A Conversation about Eastern Europe, Feb-Mar 1990, p.10
  45. John Mecartney India Adopts Non-Violent Defense When Free, Apr-May 1990, p.10
  46. John Bacher Roots of the Mohawk Crisis, Oct-Nov 1990, p.7
  47. William Klassen; John Bacher The Origins of Violence, Oct-Nov 1990, p.22
  48. Leonard V Johnson Folly Unleashed: War in the Gulf?, Jan-Feb 1991, p.7
  49. John Bacher The Lessons From Oka: A Special Section on Native Issues, Mar-Apr 1991, p.16
  50. John Bacher (interviewer) Sharing Ancestral Knowledge: An Interview with Chief Jake Thomas, Mar-Apr 1991, p.17
  51. John Murray The Nuclear Industry Comes A'Knocking in Kiggavik, May-Jun 1991, p.8
  52. John Bacher War Resisters, Jul-Aug 1991, p.25
  53. Leonard V Johnson (reviewer) Beyond Nuclear Thinking, Jul-Aug 1991, p.26
  54. Rinchen Dharlo, John Bacher, Ursula Franklin, Peter Timmermann The High Road to Sovereignty, Sep-Oct 1991, p.17
  55. John Feffer (reviewer) Warpaths: The Politics Of Partition, Sep-Oct 1991, p.26
  56. John Bacher Peace & Confederation, Nov-Dec 1991, p.26
  57. Leonard V. Johnson Europe: Plenty of Trouble For Europe, Jan-Feb 1992, p.17
  58. John McMurtry Budget Boondoggle, May-Jun 1992, p.31
  59. John Marshall (reviewer) The un-Canadians: true stories of the blacklist era, Jun-Jul 1993, p.29
  60. Anatol Rapoport and Leonard Johnson Peacekeeping as a conversion opportunity, Sep-Oct 1993, p.12
  61. John Bacher (reviewer) Peace: an idea whose time has come, Sep-Oct 1993, p.27
  62. John Marshall (reviewer) Pledge of Allegiance: The Americanization of Canada in the Mulroney Years, Nov-Dec 1993, p.15
  63. John McMurtry The Free Market, Human Rights, and Armed Forces: Report from the Far East, Nov-Dec 1993, p.24
  64. John Marshall (reviewer) When in doubt, do both: the times of my life, Jan-Feb 1995, p.29
  65. John Bacher Dams, cars, refrigerators, and population control, May-Jun 1995, p.9
  66. Leonard V Johnson Rethinking the roles for Canadian forces abroad, May-Jun 1995, p.23
  67. John Bacher The peaceful greening of Central America, May-Jun 1995, p.24
  68. John Marshall (reviewer) The wages of guilt: memories of war in Germany & Japan, May-Jun 1995, p.30
  69. John Marshall (reviewer) The battle for history: re-fighting World War Two, Sep-Oct 1995, p.29
  70. Alan Dearnley; Michael Johnston; Susan McClelland People of global spirit, Jan-Feb 1996, p.16
  71. John P Holden Arms limitation and peace building in the post-cold-war world, Mar-Apr 1996, p.24
  72. John Bacher Ingenuity Gaps and Democracy, Jul-Aug 1996, p.19
  73. John Ralston Saul Burma: Time to Put on the Pressure, Jan-Feb 1997, p.23
  74. John Bacher (reviewer) Review: Allow the Water: Anger, Fear, Power, Work, Sexuality, Community and the Spirituality and Practice of Nonviolence, Jan-Feb 1997, p.29
  75. Gen. Leonard V. Johnson Brigadier (Ret) Michael Neale Harbottle, OBE, May-June 1997, p.5
  76. John Kirk Cuba: Setting A Context, May-June 1997, p.10
  77. John Bacher Democratic Peace, Mar-Apr 1998, p.20
  78. John Bacher Oil and Dictatorship, May-June 1998, p.8
  79. John Bacher Nigeria: Oil and Dictatorship, Sept-Oct 1998, p.12
  80. John Mohawk The Peacemaker and the Great Law, Mar-Apr 1999, p.20
  81. John Bacher Development Includes Democracy, Fall 1999, p.11
  82. John Bacher Osama bin Laden: king of the petro-tyrannies, Winter 2000, p.22
  83. John Bacher Van der Stoel's Democracy, Spring 2000, p.13
  84. John Feffer And Karin Lee Building Peace in Korea: The Trickle-Up Approach, Jul-Sep 2000, p.6
  85. Michelle Renay Johnson No More/No Mas: A Glimpse into Colombia, Jul-Sep 2000, p.12
  86. John Bacher (reviewer) Review Essay: What Michael Ignatieff Left Out, Oct-Dec 2000, p.28
  87. John Bacher (reviewer) Review: In the Shadow of a Saint, Apr-Jun 2001, p.29
  88. John Bacher (reviewer) Review: The Lessons of Yugoslavia, Jul-Sep 2001, p.28
  89. John Bacher What to do about Osama bin Laden, Oct-Dec 2001, p.8
  90. John Bacher Democratic Nonviolence Lives Among the Pushtuns, Jan-Mar 2002, p.12
  91. John Bacher (reviewer) Review: Democratic Equality: What Went Wrong, Jan-Mar 2002, p.28
  92. John Bacher (reviewer) Review: The Sanctions Decade: Assessing UN Strategies in the 1990s, Apr-Jun 2002, p.29
  93. John Bacher Video review: Bringing Down a Dictator, Jul-Sep 2002, p.28
  94. Bruce Johnston Three Roads Less Traveled: The Pacifism of Huxley, Isherwood, and Auden, Oct-Dec 2002, p.11
  95. John Bacher Palestinian Pacifism, Oct-Dec 2002, p.16
  96. John Bacher (reviewer) Review: Searching for Peace: The Road to Transcend, Jan-Mar 2003, p.27
  97. John Bacher Robert Helvey's Expert Political Defiance, Apr-Jun 2003, p.10
  98. John Bacher Targeted Sanctions Challenge Tyrannies, Jul-Sep 2003, p.22
  99. Rebecca Johnson The Need for Full Spectrum Cooperation, Oct-Dec 2003, p.26
  100. John Bacher and Metta Spencer (reviewers) Review: The Unconquerable World: Power, Nonviolence and the Will of the People, Oct-Dec 2003, p.29
  101. John Sloboda and Hamit Dardagan The Killing in Iraq Goes On and No One is Counting the Full Cost, Jan-Mar 2004, p.12
  102. John Bacher (reviewer) Why America Slept: The Failure to Prevent 9/11/01, Jan-Mar 2004, p.29
  103. John Bacher Who's Afraid of PD?, Apr-Jun 2004, p.8
  104. John Bacher Democracy for Somalia, Jul-Sep 2004, p.25
  105. John Bacher (reviewer) On Strategic Nonviolent Conflict: Thinking About the Fundamentals, Oct-Dec 2004, p.29
  106. John Packer Abu Ghraib! Of All Places, Abu Ghraib!, Jan-Mar 2005, p.6
  107. John Bacher; The Sunflower Newsworthy, Jan-Mar 2005, p.31
  108. John Bacher The Nonviolent Opposition in Iran, Apr-Jun 2005, p.14
  109. John Valleau Victory As Canada Opts Out of Missile Defence, Apr-Jun 2005, p.21
  110. John Bacher (reviewer) Waging Nonviolent Struggle:20th Century Practice and 21st Century Potential, Jul-Sep 2005, p.28
  111. Rebecca Johnson Faslane 365 - Freeing Britain of Nuclear Weapons, Oct-Dec 2006, p.27
  112. John Bacher (reviewer) Empire Lite: Nation-Building in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan, Oct-Dec 2006, p.28
  113. Michelle R. Johnson Dalai Lama Finds (even more) Happiness in Becoming Canadian Citizen, Jan-Mar 2007, p.24
  114. John Bacher (reviewer) Life, Money & Illusion: Living on Earth as if We Want to Stay, Jul-Sep 2007, p.28
  115. John P. Holdren Devaluing the Currency of Nuclear Weapons, Oct-Dec 2007, p.23
  116. John Bacher Awami National Party Support is Up in Pakistan, Apr-Jun 2008, p.15
  117. John Cooper At the Peaceful Games, Jul-Sep 2008, p.7
  118. John Bacher (reviewer) Descent Into Chaos, Jul-Sep 2009, p.29
  119. John Foster and Millie Morton Afghanistan, the Pipeline, and Politics, Apr-Jun 2010, p.16
  120. John Bacher Confronting the Bomb, Apr-Jun 2010, p.28
  121. John Bacher Urgency of Siachen Park Peace Proposal, Oct-Dec 2010, p.13
  122. John Bacher Pakistan's Forest Crisis, the Taliban, and Theodore Roosevelt, Jan-Mar 2011, p.19
  123. Robert Johnson Irwin Abrams (1914-2010), Apr-Jun 2011, p.30
  124. John Bacher Forest Peace, Jan-Mar 2012, p.23
  125. John Bacher Khimki Forest Protests and the "Russian Winter", Apr-Jun 2012, p.23
  126. Maj-Gen (Ret.) Leonard V. Johnson Remembering Anatol, Five Years After, Oct-Dec 2012, p.23
  127. John Dupuis Cuts and Muzzlings During the Harper Years, Jul-Sep 2013, p.15
  128. John Bacher Security and Desertification, Oct-Dec 2013, p.22
  129. John Bacher Archbishop Elias Chacour's Prophetic Struggle for Peace, Jan-Mar 2014, p.13
  130. Rebecca Johnson Banning Nuclear Weapons: Point of No Return, Apr-Jun 2014, p.20
  131. John Bacher (reviewer) Merging Fires: Grassroots Peacebuilding Between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Peoples, Jul-Sep 2014, p.28
  132. John Bacher Peace Forest Lives Up to Its Name: Settlers' Group Stopped From Illegal Encroachment, Jan-Mar 2015, p.28
  133. Metta Spencer (interviewer); John Feffer (interviewee) Obama's Legacy, Apr-Jun 2015, p.8
  134. John Bacher Pilgrimage to Deir Istyia, Apr-Jun 2015, p.23
  135. John Bacher (reviewer) Putin's Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia?, Oct-Dec 2015, p.31
  136. John Bacher Opposing Putin's War on the Environment, Jan-Mar 2016, p.18
  137. John Bacher (reviewer) From the Land of Shadows, Apr-Jun 2016, p.30
  138. John Bacher Building a Sustainable Democratic Peace in the Marshes of Iraq, Oct-Dec 2016, p.19
  139. John Bacher (reviewer) Authoritarianism Goes Global: The Challenge to Democracy, April-June 2017, p.29
  140. John Bacher (reviewer) Aftershocks: Great Powers and Domestic Reforms in the Twentieth Century, Oct-Dec 2017, p.30
  141. John Bacher (reviewer) Peace Issues in the 21st Century Global Context, Apr-Jun 2018, p.30

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