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  1. Nancy Watt (ed) Network News, June 1985, p.23
  2. Ed Silva and Metta Spencer (interviewers) Amazing Grace: A Labour Day profile, September 1985, p.7
  3. Paula Rochman (ed) Letters from Prison, December 1985, p.5
  4. Edward Silva (reviewer) Misguided Missiles: Canada, The Cruise and Star Wars, Apr-May 1986, p.19
  5. Leigh Edwards We're Still Marching!, Dec 1986-Jan 1987, p.5
  6. Ted Dyment Afghanistan: a Million Deaths Later, Feb-Mar 1987, p.21
  7. Dennis Bockus (editor); Barry Stevens (moderator) Views of Eastern Dissidents, Feb-Mar 1987, p.24
  8. Hania Federowicz, Dan Heap, Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg, Solanges Vincent The Costs of Militarization: A Discussion, Apr-May 1987, p.21
  9. Peter Bruck, Hania Fedorowicz, and Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg Ottawans Celebrate Canada's Own "P-MAG", Aug-Sep 1987, p.15
  10. Louis-Claude Desjardins, Hania Fedorowicz, Kim Goldberg, Cecil Stedman, Joan Hadrill Letters, Feb-Mar 1988, p.5
  11. Ted Turner, Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan The Terror Trade: Buying the Bomb, Jun-Jul 1988, p.19
  12. Mohamed Y. Urdoh What Chance for Peace in the Horn of Africa?, Apr-May 1989, p.10
  13. Edward Nixon and staff Newsworthy, Oct-Nov 1989, p.29
  14. Hana Federowicz A Role for Canadians in the Helsinki Civic Assembly, Feb-Mar 1990, p.9
  15. Bruce Allen; John Bacher; Arial Braun; Harriet Friedmann; Barry Stevens (moderator) Through the Brandenburg Gate: A Conversation about Eastern Europe, Feb-Mar 1990, p.10
  16. Edward Silva (reviewer) Binding Triad, Anyone?, Feb-Mar 1990, p.30
  17. Edward Silva (reviewer) The Media, Apr-May 1990, p.29
  18. Harriet Friedmann The Forgotten Alternative, Mar-Apr 1991, p.12
  19. Erik Poole (editor) Financing Peace, Jul-Aug 1991, p.16
  20. Fred Knelman Patti Willis, Pacific Pacifist, Jul-Aug 1992, p.10
  21. Howard Breen-Needham (reviewer) Walking the Red Line: Israelis in Search of Justice for Palestine, Nov-Dec 1992, p.28
  22. Ed Silva (reviewer) Common Cents: Media Portrayal of the Gulf War and Other Events, Nov-Dec 1992, p.29
  23. Ed Silva (reviewer) News & dissent: the press & politics of peace in Canada, Jan-Feb 1993, p.27
  24. Mohammed Urdoh The United Nations in Somalia: is it peacekeeping?, Sep-Oct 1993, p.23
  25. Mohamed Urdoh The struggle for peace in Somalia, Mar-Apr 1994, p.6
  26. Mohamed Urdoh Democracy in Yemen: Pandora's box?, Jul-Aug 1994, p.6
  27. Ed Chudnovksy Landmines in Cambodia: his left foot, and the right one too, Jul-Aug 1994, p.8
  28. Phyllis Creighton and Natasha Feder Population challenge, Jul-Aug 1994, p.24
  29. Mohamed Urdoh Arms and Mandela?, Sep-Oct 1994, p.16
  30. Graeme MacQueen (editor) Unarmed forces, Nov-Dec 1994, p.29
  31. Francis Peddle (reviewer) Review: The Corruption of Economics, Jul-Aug 1996, p.28
  32. Frederick N. Mattis Nine Points For Abolishing Nuclear Weapons, Jul-Aug 1997, p.8
  33. Fred H. Knelman Moving up the Escalation Ladder, Sept-Oct 1998, p.8
  34. Barbara Bedont and David Matas Negotiating for an International Criminal Court, Sept-Oct 1998, p.21
  35. R.J. Rummel, With Peace Magazine Editors A Reply to Shimmin, Fall 1999, p.8
  36. Meredith Wain Ghana's National Reconciliation Commission, Apr-Jun 2003, p.18
  37. Christian S., a disabled American veteran My Visit to the Pro-War Rally, Apr-Jun 2003, p.26
  38. Compiled by Staff Child Soldiers, Jan-Mar 2004, p.20
  39. Edwin and Vivien Abbott; Felice Cohen-Joppa Letters, Jan-Mar 2005, p.5
  40. Peace Magazine editors Canada's International Policy Review, Jan-Mar 2005, p.20
  41. Ed Silva (reviewer) Rushing to Armageddon: The Shocking Truth About Canada, Missile Defence, and Star Wars, Apr-Jun 2005, p.28
  42. Daisaku Ikeda The Cruel Waste of War, Jan-Mar 2006, p.19
  43. Metta Spencer (interviewer) Addicted to War: A Conversation with Chris Hedges, Apr-Jun 2007, p.9
  44. James Rodney Ledwich On Terrorism, Oct-Dec 2007, p.10
  45. Ed Broadbent Global Democratic Development: What Should and Should Not Be Done, Apr-Jun 2008, p.12
  46. Ed Silva The Coup in Honduras, Oct-Dec 2009, p.15
  47. Project Censored US Military 'Worst Polluter on Planet', Jan-Mar 2011, p.8
  48. Fredrik S. Heffermehl The Fate of Alfred Nobel's Prize: A Peace Prize in the Hands of its Enemies, Jan-Mar 2011, p.10
  49. Letters, Apr-Jun 2011, p.5
  50. Fredrik Heffermehl A Norwegian or a Nobel peace prize?, Web extras 2012, p.1
  51. George Friedman Hellfire, Morality & Strategy, Apr-Jun 2013, p.16
  52. Sedef Arat-Koç Three Surprises of the Gezi Park Protests, Jul-Sep 2013, p.6
  53. Kevin Malseed Burma's Contradictions, Oct-Dec 2013, p.16
  54. Ed Silva Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Three Years Later, Apr-Jun 2014, p.22
  55. Subir Guin and Ed Silva Ukraine and Russia: Prospects for Peace, Apr-Jun 2015, p.26
  56. Ed Silva (reviewer) Meatonomics, Jan-Mar 2016, p.29
  57. Nivedita Das Kundu and Ajey Lele The Chemical Weapons Ban: 20 Years of OPCW, July-September 2017, p.12
  58. Nivedita Das Kundu North Korea Today: Is There Any Solution?, Oct-Dec 2017, p.13
  59. Gordon Edwards Unanticipated Radioactive Repercussions, July-September 2018, p.22

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