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  1. David Mandel and Eric Shragge Movement Should Work Towards An End To Canada's Role In NATO, May 1985, p.28
  2. Dimitrios Roussopoulos, David Kraft Two Views of the Canadian Peace Alliance, November 1985, p.26
  3. David Horwood (reviewer) Don't Count on NORAD's Computers, December 1985, p.29
  4. Joan Rentoul, Alan Silverman, Duncan MacDonald, David Delaunay, Donald Craig, Eric Shragge, Gary Marchant Notes, Feb-Mar 1986, p.26
  5. Shirley Farlinger, John Bacher, Al Rycroft, Janis Alton, Anne Runyan, David Collins, Woodrow W Coward Newsworthy, Jun-Jul 1986, p.22
  6. David Kraft, Shirley Farlinger, Martin Zeilig, Jim Oakes, David Delaunay, Gary Marchant Notes, Jun-Jul 1986, p.27
  7. Irene Kock and David Martin Question the Atom, Aug-Sep 1986, p.14
  8. Jean-Guy Vaillancourt, Ronald Babin, Gary Marchant, Valerie Osborne, Joan Bishop, Shirley Farlinger, David Delaunay Notes, Aug-Sep 1986, p.27
  9. David Delaunay Small Victories are Big Steps, Feb-Mar 1987, p.20
  10. David H Martin Tritium Traffic: Deadly Dividends for Nuclear Industry, Apr-May 1987, p.14
  11. David Parnas (interviewee) Professor Parnas Strikes Back at the Star-Warriors, Apr-May 1987, p.24
  12. David Fairhall, Kit Pineau, Shirley Farlinger, Simon Threlkeld, Valerie Osborne Newsworthy, Apr-May 1987, p.38
  13. Randy Dryburgh, Dimitrios Roussopoulos, Phyllis Aronoff, Sheena Lambert, Isabelle George, David Kraft Notes, Apr-May 1987, p.40
  14. David Kattenburg Zapping The Movement, Jun-Jul 1987, p.9
  15. David Webster (reviewer) The Worst Accident in the World: Chernobyl and the End of the Nuclear Dream, Jun-Jul 1987, p.33
  16. David Peterson Tritium: Premier Peterson's Reply, Aug-Sep 1987, p.15
  17. David Jackman Project Ploughshares: R&D for a Peaceful World, Oct-Nov 1987, p.12
  18. David Langille Growing Pains: The Maturing of the Canadian Peace Movement, Oct-Nov 1987, p.21
  19. David Kattenburg The Web, Feb-Mar 1988, p.14
  20. David Kattenburg Going Down the Road, Aug-Sep 1988, p.30
  21. David H. Erickson, Penny Tilbay, Alison Walkley The B.C. Activist: A Survey, Oct-Nov 1988, p.6
  22. David Wurfel What Chance for Peace in Indo-China?, Apr-May 1989, p.12
  23. David Kraft Nuclear Subs: Environmental Hazard, Jun-Jul 1989, p.18
  24. David Bennett Labour, Jun-Jul 1989, p.23
  25. David Schulze McGill's Military Research Enlisted in U.S. Air Force Program, Aug-Sep 1989, p.12
  26. David Webster, Donald Craig Notes, Oct-Nov 1989, p.30
  27. David Webster East Timor's Pain - and Canada's Complicity, Dec 1989-Jan 1990, p.9
  28. David Wurfel Peace Zones, Apr-May 1990, p.8
  29. David McArthur Hidden Capabilities of B-2 Stealth Bomber Threaten START Talks, Jun-Jul 1990, p.24
  30. David Wurfel Cambodia Update -1990, Oct-Nov 1990, p.10
  31. David Webster The Genocide Generation in East Timor, Jan-Feb 1991, p.20
  32. David V.J. Bell New World Order and its Alternatives: Introduction, May-Jun 1991, p.14
  33. David B. Dewitt The New World Order and the Future of the Middle East, May-Jun 1991, p.18
  34. David Wurfel Cambodia: Celebration and Foreboding, Jan-Feb 1992, p.10
  35. David Parnas Never Again, Mar-Apr 1992, p.15
  36. David Webster And What Is Stopping the U.N.?, May-Jun 1992, p.13
  37. David M Last Negotiating skills for peacekeepers, Sep-Oct 1993, p.16
  38. David M Last The future of peacekeeping, Nov-Dec 1993, p.8
  39. David Matas Justice for refugees, Mar-Apr 1994, p.15
  40. David Burman LETS creates community: and community creates peace, May-Jun 1994, p.16
  41. David L Parnas The Dayton Accord: con: Dayton's a step back, way back!, Mar-Apr 1996, p.17
  42. David Thiessen Airshow Canada: The Eighth Most Censored Story Of 1995, Nov-Dec 1996, p.6
  43. David Webster Will the Nobel Prize Help East Timor?, Jan-Feb 1997, p.19
  44. Ron Shirtliff (compiler); David Morgan (author) Close calls of the nuclear age, Jan-Feb 1997, p.20
  45. David Morgan Newsworthy, Mar-Apr 1997, p.28
  46. David C. Smith De-Militarizing Language, Jul-Aug 1997, p.14
  47. David V.J. Bell Earth Summit Plus 5, Sep-Oct 1997, p.21
  48. David Wurfel The Tragedy of Cambodia Compounded: Facing New Dilemmas, Sep-Oct 1997, p.23
  49. David Wurfel Vietnam revisited, Jan-Feb 1998, p.12
  50. Barbara Bedont and David Matas Negotiating for an International Criminal Court, Sept-Oct 1998, p.21
  51. David Last Conflict Resolution Training Opportunities in Canada, Jan-Feb 1999, p.16
  52. David Mcreynolds The U.S. Bombing of Iraq, Jan-Feb 1999, p.29
  53. David Wurfel Human Security in East Timor? Xanana's Leadership, Fall 1999, p.19
  54. David Smith And Jocelyne Costin What Can Be Learned About Peace from the Culture of the Deaf?, Spring 2000, p.26
  55. David Webster West Papua: The Next East Timor?, Apr-Jun 2001, p.12
  56. David V. J. Bell Sustainability, Peace, and Security, Jan-Mar 2002, p.6
  57. Major David Last, PhD What Kind of Friends Does America Need?, Oct-Dec 2002, p.22
  58. David Wurfel Israel/Palestine: the Peace Movement Endures Crisis, Apr-Jun 2003, p.6
  59. Lt. Col. David Last Changing the Guard: Security Decisions Under Paul Martin, Apr-Jun 2004, p.20
  60. David Petersen Will to Peace: The Legacy of Hiroshima and the Atomic Bomb Literature, Jul-Sep 2004, p.24
  61. David Evans Corporate Profit and Modern War, Jul-Sep 2005, p.13
  62. David Wurfel Israel/Palestine: Long-Term Dreams, Short-Term Despair, Jul-Sep 2006, p.23
  63. David Wurfel (reviewer) Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, Apr-Jun 2007, p.29
  64. David Last Rule of Law, Oct-Dec 2009, p.20
  65. David Cortright Smart versus Dumb Sanctions, January-March 2013, p.13
  66. Joseph Davidson Saving Syrians, Jan-Mar 2014, p.14
  67. David Last Out of Dark Decades, Oct-Dec 2014, p.21
  68. David Wright Trump and the Nuclear Codes: How To Launch a Nuclear Weapon, April-June 2017, p.6
  69. David Cortright A Mission of Reconciliation, Apr-Jun 2018, p.15
  70. David Harries Move The Nuclear Weapons Money: A Handbook for Civil Society and Legislators, July-September 2018, p.30

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