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  1. Joan Rentoul, Alan Silverman, Duncan MacDonald, David Delaunay, Donald Craig, Eric Shragge, Gary Marchant Notes, Feb-Mar 1986, p.26
  2. Alan Wilson Playing the Orpheum, Aug-Sep 1986, p.11
  3. Alan Phillips (reviewer) The Stunning Record of Our Nuclear Culture, Aug-Sep 1987, p.34
  4. Alan Wilson Peace Education, Aug-Sep 1987, p.46
  5. Sunshine Goldstream, Anna Briggs, Silas Townsend, Paul Eastwood, Andrew Van Velzen, Eric Tollefson, Alan Maxwell Letters, Apr-May 1988, p.5
  6. Valerie Osborne, Alan Wilson, Lynn Marriott, Sheena Lambert Notes, Apr-May 1988, p.27
  7. Valerie Osborne, Alan Wilson, Lynn Marriott Notes, Jun-Jul 1988, p.28
  8. Alan Wilson Notes, Aug-Sep 1988, p.27
  9. Donald Craig, Peter Davison, Alan Wilson, Kathleen O'Hara, Andrea Levy, Eric Shragge, Ellen Gould Notes, Oct-Nov 1988, p.26
  10. Alan Weiss A Marxist-Christian Symposium in Moscow, Apr-May 1989, p.7
  11. Alan R. Drengson The Martial Art of Reconciliation, Dec 1989-Jan 1990, p.24
  12. Alan Silverman (reviewer) Alternative Security: Living Without Nuclear Deterrence, Sep-Oct 1991, p.27
  13. Alan Silverman (reviewer) Canada And The World: Agenda For The Last Decade Of The Millennium, Nov-Dec 1991, p.29
  14. Alan Silverman (reviewer) Perestroika and the Soviet People, Mar-Apr 1992, p.26
  15. Alan Phillips The World Court Project, Sep-Oct 1993, p.8
  16. Alan H Weatherley Of vertebrates and violence, Nov-Dec 1994, p.27
  17. Alan Dearnley; Michael Johnston; Susan McClelland People of global spirit, Jan-Feb 1996, p.16
  18. Alan Phillips Beyond the World Court project: abolition of nuclear weapons, Jan-Feb 1996, p.20
  19. Alan F. Phillips, M.D. Consensus in Canberra: No Nukes from Now On!, Nov-Dec 1996, p.24
  20. Alan Phillips, M.D. Y2K and Accidental Nuclear War?, Nov-Dec 1998, p.15
  21. Alan Phillips Nuclear Winter Re-Visited, Jan-Mar 2001, p.13
  22. Richard Alan Leach Deterrence or Detonation?, Apr-Jun 2002, p.24
  23. Alan Phillips and Steven Starr Change "Launch on Warning" Policy, Jul-Sep 2006, p.14
  24. Alan Whitehorn Laying Out The Bare Bones of Genocide, Jan-Mar 2008, p.20
  25. Alan Whitehorn The Steps and Stages of Genocide, Jul-Sep 2010, p.16

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