Peace Magazine: Oct-Dec 2021: Vol.37, No.4

Peace Magazine

Oct-Dec 2021: Vol.37, No.4

• published Oct 01, 2021 • last edit Oct 01, 2021

Some Silver Buckshot pages 6-7
Yes, of course the only real “silver bullet” is to quickly stop using fossil fuels. But that’s no reason to ignore some promising “silver buckshot”: carbon negative concrete; urban forests; electric driverless vehicles; and nitrogen-fixing molecules.

Fear and Hypocrisy Regarding Russia’s Arctic Continental Shelf pages 8-11
Elizabeth Riddell-Dixon is irked by shocking stories about Russia’s excessive claims to areas of the Arctic Ocean. Look at the map and stop the panic, she says. Russia is behaving normally and following international law.

A Climate Change Code Red pages 12-15
But about the climate? Yes, there are grounds for panic. Craig Smith and William Fletcher summarize here the new 3000-page report by the International Panel on Climate Change. The greenhouse gas emissions are still increasing. This is truly “code red” for humankind.

Axworthy’s Refugees pages 16-22
As chair of the World Refugee and Migration Council, Lloyd Axworthy reminds our editor about the plight of some 82 million vulnerable people who have fled across national borders. Some of them could be spared this journey if they could apply for immigration in their home countries, an option Canada has long offered.

Milk Tea Alliance Builds Support for Democracy in Eastern Asia page 23
Chinese culture was defeated in Hong Kong by the British practice of adding milk to tea. Now the Hong Kong democracy and environment activists who have fled to Taiwan and elsewhere in Asia are proudly naming their movement the “Milk Tea Alliance.” John Bacher writes that they also want to protect the Mekong River, which is the color of milk tea.

The Hazara Population in Afghanistan page 24
René Wadlow, chairing the Association of World Citizens, worries that Afghanistan’s Hazara population may be subjected to persecution or even genocide, for the Taliban consider them as infidels because of their faith as Shi’a. He urges us to watch events closely and act internationally on their behalf.


  • 2 Newsworthy The end of leaded gas; Demand cuts to military emissions; China is building two nuclear missile silo fields; Call for action against killer robots; Mexico sues US gun manufacturers
  • 4 Editorial
  • 5 Letters
  • 25-26 Reviews Rose Dyson, Mind Abuse: Media Violence and its Threat to Democracy, reviewed by Anne Venton; Michael A. Beer, Civil Resistance Tactics in the 21st Century, reviewed by Barbara Wien.
  • 27-29 Talk Show List
  • 30-31 Current Controversies Joanna Santa Barbara, “How Many People Can Earth Support? A Long-lived Controversy”; and Ron Shirtliff, “Can Trees Save Us from Global Overheating?”

Cover of Oct-Dec 2021 issue

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