Peace Magazine: July-September 2021: Vol.37, No.3

Peace Magazine

July-September 2021: Vol.37, No.3

• published Jul 01, 2021 • last edit Jul 07, 2021

Newsworthy: Canadians Want to Join the TPNW page 2a
A strong majority want Canada to join the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, according to a recent Canada-wide poll conducted by Nanos.

Newsworthy: Nord Stream 2 can pump gas before the Summit page 2b
The timing of this technological achievement is a public relations victory for Putin, since the US had long tried to prevent the pipeline from being constructed.

Newsworthy: Daniel Ellsberg reveals more page 2c
Ellsberg shows that in 1958, US military leaders were urging the use of nuclear weapons if the Chinese further shelled offshore islands.

From the Editor page 4

Our Readers Write page 5

Stop Wars and End the World Refugee Crisis pages 6-7
Forced displacement is now used deliberately by warring factions as an instrument of warfare. James Simeon has the answer: Stop wars.

Denuclearize the Korean Peninsula pages 8-9
J. Enkhsaikhan led the successful plan to make his country, Mongolia, into a Nuclear Weapon Free Zone. Now his organization proposes to do the same for both Koreas and Japan. Wish them luck!

Erdogan’s Misogyny Transcends His Moral Decadence pages 10-11
The Europeans have a Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence. So which country just withdrew from it? Turkey! Here Alon Ben-Meir expresses his views of President Erdogan.

No First Use Becomes Possible Again page 12
Two US senators are proposing a bill that would prohibit their country from initiating the use of nuclear weapons. Metta Spencer admits that this is a far weaker measure than the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, but it’s worth doing anyhow.

Peace Magazine Goes Global page 13
After publishing 36 years as a small Canadian publication, Peace Magazine is expanding—both geographically (by reaching beyond Canada) and in mandate (by addressing, not only peace issues, but also five other global threats to humanity). We have been working toward this expansion for three years and now can invite everyone to use the following new media that are now available worldwide: a digital version of Peace Magazine; a redesigned website for public sharing; and a YouTube channel.

Save the Caribou! pages 14-15
Herds of big animals keep soil cold, so caribou and muskoxen are among the few means of limiting the methane and carbon dioxide from rapidly melting Arctic permafrost. John Bacher warns that caribou populations are collapsing.

The Yemeni Conundrum pages 16-19
The brutal war in Yemen is being waged by multiple warring parties. Mustafa Bahran points out the catastrophic effects on the population of this beautiful, ancient civilization. (And did you know you’re part Yemeni?)

Israel Jails Palestinian Children pages 20-21
Israel has jailed a million Palestinians since 1967, including hundreds of thousands of children and minors. Yusur Al-Bahrani and Metta Spencer interviewed a lawyer, Saleh Abu Izzah, who had spent six years of his youth in prison for being a student activist.

Clips from Chats pages 22-23
Here are excerpts from two of the talk shows that Project Save the World holds every weekday. One is about the new British plan to raise the cap on the numbers of nuclear weapons in their arsenal. The other is a chat with Paul Werbos about Einstein, David Deutsch, Computers, and whether God plays dice with the universe.

Donald Willmott page 24
Peace Magazine says goodbye to our beloved founding board member, Don Willmott, who died May 10, 2021 at Owen Sound.

Peace Reviews pages 25-27
Bill Gates, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster”, reviewed by William Fletcher and Craig Smith; Severine Autesserre, “The Frontlines of Peace: An Insider’s Guide to Changing the World”, reviewed by Trudy Govier,

The Spring 2021 Video List pages 28-30

Current Controversies page 31
Joanna Santa Barbara summarizes the debate between those who are resigned and fatalistic about climate change and those who want to fight it. Andre Kamenshikov explains why most Russians are now refusing to get vaccinated.

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