Peace Magazine: April-June 2021: Vol.37, No.2

Peace Magazine

April-June 2021: Vol.37, No.2

• published Apr 01, 2021 • last edit Apr 01, 2021

Methane in the Arctic Ocean ; Deciding where to put nuclear waste; France underestimated effects of Mururoa tests

Touch History and Take a Selfie
As you walk through the Bradbury Science Museum in Los Alamos, New Mexico, there are remnants of actual bombs, which you can even touch, writes Jody Smiling. But the other visitors made for an even more harrowing experience.

The Mothers of the Disappeared
See what mothers and their allies can achieve when applying nonviolent tactics, notes Michaela Ehring, as she recalls the impressive work done by the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo in 1970s Argentina.

New Start for Stability in Libya
Libya’s national unity government merits close attention as the nation attempts to build public services and lasting institutions, writes René Wadlow.

Clips from Chats
Here are excerpts from three of our recent video shows. We invite your responses in the comments column of Project Save the World’s website:

Turkish Prisons are Beyond the Pale of Humanity
The US and the European Union will make a mockery of human rights unless they stop Erdogan’s criminal treatment of his own people, argues Alon Ben-Meir.

What About Privilege?
There is such a thing as privilege, but we shouldn’t re-make theories of knowledge on that basis, writes philosopher and activist Trudy Govier.

The Winter 2020-2021 Video List
All the 60+ video talks on this list can be found on your computer, tablet, or smartphone on our website:

Ambassador Bob Rae on Human Rights
Human rights advocate Bob Rae (a former premier, party leader, and MP) shares his experience with Paul Copeland, Charles Burton, and Calixto Avila, with Metta Spencer as moderator.

Cynical Theories
Robin Collins reviews Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity.

Current Controversies
This new feature includes two or more short articles which deal with contradictory positions. This issue presents Maria Puerta Riera on imposing sanctions in Venezuela and Joanna Santa Barbara on the hidden carbon costs of owning a new electric vehicle.

Douglas Roche, Recovery: Peace Prospects in the Biden Era, reviewed by Nancy Covington; Peter Wadhams, A Farewell to Ice: A Report from the Arctic, reviewed by Franklyn Griffiths.

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