Peace Magazine: January-March 2021: Vol.37, No.1

Peace Magazine

January-March 2021: Vol.37, No.1

• published Jan 01, 2021 • last edit Jan 01, 2021

Biden’s Opportunity to End Israel-Palestine Conflict
Where to start? The incoming Biden administration in Washington should inform the Israeli government that it will object to any further annexation of Palestinian territories, recommends Alon Ben-Meir.

Game Face/Now We Know
A full-page illustration by Peace Magazine’s contributing artist Anna Jane McIntyre.

People Love Their Dictators
In November 2020, almost half of US voters showed their allegiance to the most anti-democratic president in history. And the US is not unique in its attraction to power. Metta Spencer explains how and why ordinary people apparently choose to vote against their own best interests.

Are we Facing a Climate Apocalypse?
Unfortunately, almost all countries are behind in meeting their climate goals—and there is no enforcement mechanism. Craig Smith and William Fletcher suggest the practical steps which can be taken to reach net zero emissions and avert the climate apocalypse.

Canada’s Broadcast Act: Subsidizing Violence
Tax subsidies continue to be made to support an industry that is frequently reported as one of the best stock options on the market because, like tobacco, video games are addictive, reports Rose Dyson.

Sharia Courts in Nigeria Cover Corruption
Of Nigeria’s poor, 80 percent live in the Northern region where Islam is politicized by the government. Sharia law is applied there to the poor and weak groups, while the elite enjoy the privileges of secularism, writes Yusur Al-Bahrani.

Destruction of Juukan Cave a Loss to Humanity
Giant mining conglomerate Rio Tinto was apparently acting entirely within Australian law when it destroyed a 50,000-year-old Aboriginal site, notes Sam Ben-Meir.

The Muslim World’s Changing Dynamics: Pakistan Struggles to Retain its Footing
The mounting strains with Pakistan are also the latest iteration of a global battle for Muslim religious soft power that pits Saudi Arabia and the UAE against Turkey, Iran, and Indonesia’s Nahdlatul Ulama, the world’s largest Islamic movement, writes James Dorsey.

Newsworthy: Bangladesh is moving Rohingya to remote island; Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons “Our treaty”.

Reviews: Seth Klein, The Good War, reviewed by Marianne Larsen; Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt, How Democracies Die, reviewed by John Bacher; Jon Tattrie, Peace by Chocolate, reviewed by Andrea Budgey.

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