Peace Magazine: Vol.36, No.2: April-June 2020

Peace Magazine

Vol.36, No.2: April-June 2020

• published Apr 01, 2020 • last edit Jun 05, 2020

On Sound Treaties
Pavel Palazhchenko served as chief Russian translator for some of the the most crucial events in modern history, including many Soviet-U.S. arms control negotiations. Here he argues in favour of “sound” treaties—that is, ones which are well-designed and properly managed, such as the Intermediate Nuclear Forces treaty and the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran.

Burning and Bombing: Military Expenditures, Military Emissions and the Climate Emergency
To avert catastrophic climate change, we must demilitarize and disarm, in parallel with climate mitigation and adaptation. This means scaling down our militaries, writes Tamara Lorincz.

Mennonites and the Canadian Government: A Brief History of Interactions About War
John Graves Simcoe was famed for granting conscientious objector status to Mennonite men in Upper Canada, a good century before pacifists in other countries were granted similar rights. There were, however, many complicating factors, as Adam Wynne points out.

What to Do While You’re Self-Isolating: Stop Nuclear Contamination!
Metta Spencer set out to print Wikipedia’s list of nuclear power accidents since the days of the earliest reactors. It filled 19 single-spaced pages.

The Russian Samsara WheeL
As Vladimir Putin prepares to rule Russia for the rest of his life, Ignat Kalinin notes that Russia has somehow always reverted to authoritarian rule. As Buddhists say, humans are always trapped in a series of births and deaths. (Since we have received this article, Russia has changed the constitution to let Putin run for re-election.)

Day 143 of the Global Jai Jagat March
Marchers for peace and nonviolence were hiking across Armenia when Jill Carr-Harris last reported to Peace Magazine. (We understand that the march has since been suspended temporarily due to border shutdowns)

We Won’t Solve the Climate Crisis with a Growth-Driven Economy. What are the Alternatives?
Unequal, growth-driven economies have worsened climate change and hindered our responses to it. Joanna Santa Barbara suggests ways in which we can find what the economist Kate Raworth calls a “safe, just space for humanity”.

Reviews: Holmes, Natali, Schade and Linder The Big Thaw: Ancient Carbon, Modern Science and the Race to Save the World, reviewed by John Bacher; Matthew Legge, Are We Done Fighting? Building Understanding in a World of Hate and Division, reviewed by Rose Dyson.

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