Peace Magazine: January-March 2019: Vol.35, No.1

Peace Magazine

January-March 2019: Vol.35, No.1

The Nobel Peace Prize and Women Victims of War
The common theme linking the 2018 Nobel laureates is their dedication to the protection of women civilians, both in open warfare and in so-called low intensity conflicts. Here, René Wadlow profiles Nadia Murad and Denis Mukwege.

Hello, Canada
Joseph Cirincione is one of the leading anti-nuclear weapons campaigners in the US. In October, he came to Ottawa to meet with Canadian disarmament groups. COMMENT

Our Friend Gene Sharp: a conversation with Jamila Raqib
For most of her adult life, Jamila Raqib worked alongside the late Gene Sharp at the Albert Einstein Institution. In a video talk in November, she and Metta Spencer exchanged views on nonviolence and Sharp’s legacy. COMMENT

Negative Emissions are Positive
Why stop at carbon-neutral? Metta Spencer takes a look at some new technologies which not only capture carbon emissions but which could take us into carbon-negative territory. COMMENT

NATO, Realism, and Canada
NATO claims that nuclear weapons are the supreme guarantee of their member countries’ security. But we aren’t feeling any more secure, argues Phyllis Creighton.

“Roadmap” for Small Modular Reactors Drains the Public Purse
What do a polar bear, an opera singer, and small modular reactors have in common? Brennain Lloyd encountered a suitably bizarre piece of pro-nuclear street theatre on her way to October’s “International Conference on Generation IV and Small Reactors” in Ottawa.

Pakistan’s Place in the Chinese Belt & Road Project
Two terror attacks within a relatively short period have sparked questions over China’s plans for a trade corridor to Pakistan’s Indian Ocean coast, writes James Dorsey.

Australia’s Pacific Problem
Australian governments have spent the better part of two decades defending a policy which kept asylum seekers and refugees in offshore detention centres. The “Pacific Solution” was a cruel failure, argues Ken Simons.

Newsworthy: No to war; John Bolton and the International Criminal Court

Review: Stephen Pinker, Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress, reviewed by Mel Watkins

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